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Formula One - Online tuning

Making car racing interactive and increase your team's success
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Every sports fan definately knows why his team has lost the competition and what has to be done better. I am sure that the majority of them has the right ideas what to had to be done in the past the future and - that's the point - during the competition (100 thousand eyes see more then just 2....) To change things during competition can very easily being done in motor sports, especially in Formula One racing: the engine is controlled via radio. The conclusion is: Install a voting server where every racing fan of a specified team can make suggestions how to set up the car (e.g. tire pressure, max engine revolutions, fuel). A genetic or heuristic algorithm will then compute the most recommended set up. This result is transfered to the car. To void misuse of this server by fans of the other racing teams, every participant has to share some stock and has to pay for each suggestion. If his team looses then the stock value will go down.
Uute, May 22 2002


       /Every sports fan definitely knows why his team has lost the competition and what has to be done better./   

       Yeah, right. The only thing this would do is lead to more crashes. Professional racing at the formula one level is comparable in complexity to rocket science.
dag, May 22 2002

       I'd rather phone in my preferences for your next surgical procedure and watch the procedure on TV as it happens. "No! Use that BIG scalpel."
bristolz, May 22 2002

       This is quite possibly one of the most foolish things I have heard proposed for formula one, and that includes some of the things the FIA have proposed over the years.I do however like [bristolz's] idea.
kaz, May 22 2002

       Anyway using stock to prevent people from mis-using the system wouldn;t work, as you could just never sell your stock, and laugh as the true fan's of that team end up with a worthless team. (Ithink thats how stock works isn't it?). Anyway I'd pay if it meant giving michael schumacher two laps worth of fuel at his first pit stop.
kaz, May 22 2002

       I'll vote for this because I hate formula 1 on so many levels, from the fact that it's mindbogglingly boring, to the fact that it's noisy and polluting and a collossal waste of money, to the fact that it encourages people to buy and drive fast cars, to the fact that this guy I know called Andy always talks about it in a really loud voice when we're trying to play poker. Any idea that would make it less boring or lead to the deaths of some or all of its participants gets a big sugar crusted yay with a croissant on top.
pottedstu, May 23 2002

       F1 is a multi-squillion dollar industry. I think it also used to be a sport as well. Anyway, do you seriously think that the 'Powers That Be', who run the show, will let any old dipshit piss around with the settings on the cars?   

       Can I mark this for deletion on the basis that it's a ridiculous suggestion?
Emi-chan, Aug 24 2004

david_scothern, Aug 25 2004

       Ok, just asking. I'll just give it a stinky auld bone.
Emi-chan, Aug 25 2004


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