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High-School Motorsports

We've got pro, and some college, why not high school?
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Professional motorsports are already popular in most parts of the world. College-level motorsports exist to some degree with the Formula SAE and Mini Baja competitions between engineering schools.

Following this concept, why not make motorsports a high-school sport? The shop classes from schools could build small, simple vehicles such as go-karts and compete at a regional, state, and national level much like football, basketball, etc.

There are already many kinds of amateur racing, but none have quite the same drama as high school or college level sports, with mascots, rivalries, and cheerleaders.

discontinuuity, Oct 27 2005


       "shot glass" pronunciation "shop class" when drunk.
skinflaps, Oct 28 2005

       //What's a "shop class"?//
A curricular aberration peculiar to the US, whereby the indolent troglodtyes are instructed on how best to carry out a retail transaction.
calum, Oct 28 2005

       A shop class in this sense would be a class in repairing cars and engines. Also called auto repair class or auto body class. Most American high schools have some kind of vocational "shop class" in carpentry, metalworking, auto repair, etc.
discontinuuity, Oct 28 2005


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