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Fortune-Cookie Dinner Mystery Theater

Where, surprisingly, everyone has a clue.
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This is one of those "Dinner Theater" jobs where everyone buys tickets, comes in, eats dinner, and gets entertained by a nice semi-interactive whodunit. The twist here, however, is that Chinese food is served, and every diner is presented with a fortune cookie after dinner.

Each fortune cookie contains a clue to the ensuing locked- door mystery that is acted out by skilled improvisational actors. Attendees can choose to withhold the information on their slip of paper, or share it with others; some seemingly innocuous fortunes can turn out to have hidden meanings as the night progresses. Even the fortunes that actually mean nothing might have a clue hidden in the lucky numbers.

At the end of the night, everyone gets to feel like they played an active part in solving the mystery. And since every person is assigned a clue to use at their own disposal, no night is exactly the same. Finally, everyone will at least have a fortune or piece of advice to think about. That's all that matters, isn't it?

DrWorm, Nov 21 2010

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       + Colonel Hot Mustard in the Opium Den...
xandram, Nov 23 2010

       The butler did it... in bed.
phundug, Nov 23 2010

       I can also see a derivative version being marketed to people wanting to have a murder mystery-themed party.
Alx_xlA, Nov 26 2010

Although I can't get the image of Count Floyd saying, "Mystery Chiller Horror Theater! OOooh it's scary kids." out of my head evey time I read the title.


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