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Helium Theater

Use parade balloons as inverse marionettes/puppets
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Why not put on a puppet show for 5,000+? Bring back Punch and Judy like never before! Pinocchio is a natural, too. A 25 foot Lambchop? Andy Pandy? Kermit?

Sure, the action would be slower. A serious sound system would be required too, but so what? Bring the kids and a picnic basket and make a day of it!

A largish partition could hide the performers/puppeteers though I think watching them try to stay on cue would be half the fun. Some venues (stadia) would make that moot anyway. Puppeteers might need to be switched out for breaks during longer performances.

And the performances needn't be all fun and games. Marionettes can perform operas. Recognizable characters can be dismissed altogether in order to recreate famous battles (land, sea or sky) in the air.

phoenix, Jun 09 2004

Salzburg Marionette Theatre http://www.marionetten.at/index_e.html
Puts opera and marionettes together. [phoenix, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       I can phantom 'A Tree' in a giant play, but I do not recall the caracter 'Lambchops', :-)   

       Thumbs Up !!
sirau, Oct 27 2012


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