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Forward Loop

'Cause backward ain't good enough!
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All the rollercoasters now are pretty much the same- the typical stereotype is they go up a hill, down a hill, up a hill, down a hill, loop, station. And all the loops are made so that on a regular coaster, the G-Forces pull you down into your seat. Well, why not mix it up? My rollercoaster design begins like this: The car goes up the hill on a standard chain, and goes down a small (say 6 ft.) hill, then continues to drop. Eventually the car reaches 90 degrees, but keeps going. So the car does a compete loop like so. The resulting G-Forces will provide around 3-4 seconds of weightlessness. The only thing necessary is a strong safety harness.
croissantz, Apr 27 2006

Picture http://img134.image...image=cheesy9rr.png
A really cheesy MS Paint pic to help you get the idea. [croissantz, Apr 27 2006]

Max Immelman http://www.furball....d/ACM-immelman.html
[normzone, Apr 27 2006]


       awesome idea...   

       however, the engineering behind it would be quite complicated you would think.
pat2501, Apr 27 2006

       For an aircraft would that be an outside loop, or an Immelman, or ? [off to research]   

       No, an Immelman is an outside loop that you roll out of at the top [link]   

       Ok, further research has left me confused, and I must go to bed now.
normzone, Apr 27 2006

       Nah, that one looks like a regular inversion loop with the difference that you're hanging below it on the outside rather than riding above it.
jutta, Apr 27 2006

       I can't help but wonder what the puke factor would be on a ride such as this. centrifugal force would keep this interesting.
RockCrawler, Apr 27 2006


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