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Foul Weather Fountain

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I was recently at the Seattle Center, and found myself admiring the Space Needle. Now the Space Needle is quite cool how it is: it's very tall in an area where nothing's more than a few stories high, it was built for the world's fair, and the restaurant revolves. The problem is it just sits there and never has water shooting out of the top of it. I see this as a common problem for tall buildings.

I propose a wall be built around the top of the Space Needle and similar tall highly visible buildings. A hole should exist at the base of this wall, pointing in the direction of a pool or pond below. This will create a wonderful giant fountain effect whenever it rains. If such buildings cannot be safely retrofitted then this design should be incorporated into new buildings as they are built.

Worldgineer, Sep 04 2003

Space Needle Fountain http://www.geocitie...il/HB/fountain.html
Right after a heavy rain. [Worldgineer, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

gargoyle drain http://www.grinning...rd.com/gargoyle.jpg
also used to direct rain water beyond cathedral facades [FarmerJohn, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

application suited for buildings all over the world quite possibly, *world* http://www.aviewonc...ishtelecomtower.htm
[po, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

First link, archived copy https://web.archive...il/HB/fountain.html
[notexactly, Mar 18 2018]


       In heavy rain as the water level rises behind the wall, the stream of water will come out at increasing speeds. The pool would have to be shaped to deal with all possible trajectories.
stupop, Sep 04 2003

       And you'll have to deal with wind - I agree you'll have to design it well. Then again, you can skip the pool and have it rain heavier on one side of the building.
Worldgineer, Sep 04 2003

       My goodness! <looking at the picture> That wasn’t how I pictured it at all. This is more like...well, like, <getting embarrassed> like a building wizzing!

<hesitant> Now, you’re going to stop there, right?
pluterday, Sep 04 2003

       <slaps forehead>(sorry [forehead]) I'm glad [pluter] came along before construction began. Hmmm... how to make it not look like the building is wizzing? Got it. Holes on several sides, perhaps even controlled so that they run in series. Would go nicely with the International Fountain (really cool fountain nearby that dances to music (not weather dependant)).
Worldgineer, Sep 04 2003

       nice artwork..
po, Sep 04 2003

       Thanks [po]. I've added a visulaization of a less wizz-like option.
Worldgineer, Sep 04 2003

       You're just asking for another smacking.
Worldgineer, Sep 04 2003

       When it was our little sister, we brothers called it bopping.
FarmerJohn, Sep 04 2003

       The spout should be attached to the rotating part so the stream of water also spins around.
AO, Sep 04 2003

       But how would it spin? (brainstorming) I guess you could have the entire water tank on a low-friction pivot. Angle your spout a bit, and as it fills with water it will spin itself. And if you had an observation deck above you'd see all the water inside the tank parabolicly sloping away from you. I like it.   

       (later) I've added a view of [AO]'s spinning option to the Space Needle Fountain link.
Worldgineer, Sep 04 2003


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