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Gotcha Fountain

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This fountain sits in the middle of a large circle, diameter about 50m. The fountain itself consists of a spray nozzle, that adjusts it's own direction and angle to reach any part of the circle. The circle is embedded with sensors that can detect people walking across it. When motion is detected, the fountain comes to life a shoots a jet of water in that direction, causing the intruder to dodge out of the way. Things get interesting when there are multiple people within the circle, and the fountain is shooting off bursts in all directions.

Who can make it across without getting wet?

simonj, May 12 2010

Gotcha fountain for grown ups http://en.wikipedia...#Land_based_version
Just replace with a water gun and call it a day [metarinka, May 13 2010]


       //censors// sp: sensors   

       + Sounds like fun!
csea, May 12 2010

       lol censors <i>should</i> be embedded in the ground! fixed anyway.
simonj, May 12 2010

       call Vegas. +
daseva, May 12 2010

       I know someone who got fed up with cats crapping in his garden. So being who he is, he quickly rigged a PIR sensor with a solenoid valve to activate a sprinkler in the middle of the garden. The cats soon started doing a kind of wide-eyed crouching and creeping round his garden... But in the end he had to disable it as he kept forgetting it was on and got fed up with being drenched himself.
Sandbach, May 12 2010

       + and I will set up an umbrella stand around there to make some $$!
xandram, May 12 2010

DrWorm, May 12 2010

       That's almost art.
wagster, May 12 2010

       a few of the fountains in Hollywood, California have a semi-random pattern and the challenge is to try to run across (on a hot day) without getting wet and what not.   

       This is very similar to all the webcam, paint ball guns out there. can we equip the fountain with trajectory tracking to shoot down pesky pigeons with blasts of water?
metarinka, May 13 2010

       The kids will be throwing all their food into the circle in order to get the pigeons to go in after it.
swimswim, May 14 2010


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