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Fountain of Youth at Dubai

Spemidine as well as buckminsterfullerene both double mouse longevity Create a fountain at Dubai that automatically makes these then places them at flowing water
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Spemidine as well as buckminsterfullerene both double mouse longevity (link)

spermidine is very similar to triaminooctane, thus creating a fountain of youth near a petroleum seep makes sense. basically you make an earthwork valley with lots of protein rich plants, these tend to protein enrich a lagoon with ammonia, then the ammonia water travels to the petroleum seep where as it contacts a large deposit of catalytic mineral it makes NH2/\/NH\/NH2 which is the chemical published as doubling mouse longevity at 40 weeks, as well as is patent pending at beautifying human skin.

I think Dubai might have a petroleum seep somewhere, certainly being the first of many places to have an authentic fountain of youth would fit their "golden age" urges. (although the nearest I come to religion is Quaker). If they really want hyper over-the-top a working fountain of youth is looking pretty spiffy.

another version with buckminsterfullerene could also be created.

beanangel, May 30 2012

spermidine longevity http://www.longecit...les-mouse-lifespan/
[beanangel, May 30 2012]

buckminsterfullerene longevity http://www.longecit...e-lifespan-in-mice/
[beanangel, May 30 2012]


       [beany], if you're going to continue with this, please get one thing straight:   

       C60 is called 'fullerine'. Just 'fullerine'.   

       As you were.
Alterother, May 31 2012

       Needs more monoatomic gold.   

       At least a quantum of it.
Alterother, May 31 2012

       "Ask your pension provider if immortality is right for you …"
8th of 7, May 31 2012

       I heard that $100 dollar birds nest soup is good or skin. But but the nests have to be RFID protected to ensure they have a high enough dose of placebos in them.
bob, May 31 2012

       The unspeakable, producing the unreadable.
The ineligible, producing the illegible.
UnaBubba, May 31 2012

       You'll get used to it.
Alterother, May 31 2012

       No, I won't.
UnaBubba, May 31 2012

       //earthwork valley with lots of protein rich plants [...] /\/ [...] /\@&$%#! [...] Dubai//
Any plant in Dubai is going to be in desperate need of a fountain, whether youthful or no.

       //nearest I come to religion is Quaker// my guess would be - perigee over Pennsylvania?
lurch, Jun 08 2012

       I figured he was talking about oatmeal.
ytk, Jun 08 2012


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