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Legospherenes better than fullerenes

buckminsterfullerene doubles mouse longevity, what about legolike nanodiamond spheres, cheaply, from kimberlite, as a better version. Then toss on some NH2 to see if mouse longevity triples or better
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Fullerenes have been published as doubling the longevity of mice.(link)

Now, being aware of the .5b "A research hypothesis differs from an invention" guideline. I suggest that legolike diamond nanospheres could do many of the things fullerenes do, yet possibly better. One reason is the the diameter is completely adjustable rather than presized. Another advantage is that to get around drug approval processes Kimberlite clay may already contain large amounts of nanodiamonds that just need to be screened as to size. Legospheranes or enes may also be much more rugged at a surviving the addition of pharmacologically beneficial surface groups.

Now the thrilling hypothesis part.

Diamond legospherenes, little round diamonds of similar size as fullerenes. Think a legoish diamond sphere the size of a fullerene Does it longevize like a fullerene? (chemists will riot at the name legospherene, perhaps tolerating legospheranes)

Legospherenes may be very similar acting to fullerenes yet with a wider range of applications because they can be different sizes (half, similar, gradualized, or double size spheroids) as well as having novel shapes unavailable to fullerenes, ([ ]) round with a crevice (possibly a halogenated crevice for oomph), or even triorbs 8D, OB at the same diameter

Spherical nanonodiamonds may have a cheap natural source, Kimberlite clay may be a natural source of nanodiamonds of the same radius as fullerenes.

It may actually be possible to change the shape of nanodiamonds as well, I wonder if liquid helium grinding might actually cause a streambed effect on nanodiamonds to produce roundness even though these nanodiamonds are only 120 to 340 carbon atoms each at a diameter size similar to C60 buckminsterfullerene. If you view a structure image of buckminsterfullerene it is partially saturated, lots of C-C=C-C=C happening. Thus treating legospheranes (C-C) to desaturate their surface to become legospherenes(C=C) creates a fullerene functionalike surface, yet produced from the cheaply mass filtered kimberlite nanodiamond core.

So as an invention rather than a research hypothesis I am suggesting that desaturating natural nanodiamonds may be a cheap alternate source of pharmaceutical fullerenoids, or fullerene workalikes.

Now revisiting the hypothesis festival, Spermidine is published as doubling (or near doubling) mouse longevity. As an NH2ized alkane NH2/\/nh\/\/NH2 spermidine is rather similar to a fullerene or nanodiamond. Creating fullerenes or nanodiamonds with NH2 groups combines two lifespan doubling chemical structures at one molecule. This is where spherical nanodiamonds may have a synthesis advantage. I'm not sure you can just throw C60 into liquid ammonia then hope it stays puffy. I feel it is likely you can throw surface activated (desaturated) nanodiamonds into liquid ammonia to produce diamond with a plurality of NH2 on the surface.

Thus It is possible that legospheranes may be of value to pharmaceutical companies seeking variation on fullerene prior art. As usual everything I describe is public domain.

Spermidine is published as doubling (or near doubling) mouse longevity. The ammonia on carbon similarities are suggestive. Spermidine is an NH2ized alkane NH2/\/nh\/\/NH2 spermidine is rather similar to a fullerene or nanodiamond, Creating fullerenes or nanodiamonds with NH2 groups combines two lifespan doubling chemical structures at one molecule

so this might be a cheap source of a new longevity drug that triples or better lab mammal longevity.

beanangel, May 03 2012

buckminsterfullerene doubles mouse longevity http://extremelonge...ubles-rat-lifespan/
[beanangel, May 03 2012]

spermidine doubles mouse longevity at about 80 weeks. http://www.longecit...les-mouse-lifespan/
[beanangel, May 03 2012]

Another version of this idea at imminst longecity http://www.longecit...page__fromsearch__1
[beanangel, May 03 2012]

a person completely different than me [iamangelchaser] suggests fluorinating buckminsterfullerenes Fluorohydrofullerenes_3f
[beanangel, May 03 2012]


       And how long will you be visiting Earth?   

       I kid because I love. I'm not sure if this needs a chemist or a witch doctor to explain what you're talking about so, being neither, I'm not qualified to bone or bun.   

       Good luck with this though.
doctorremulac3, May 03 2012

       The paper on C60, claiming that it doubles lifespan, contains one major flaw and four lesser ones. I'll tell you what they are as soon as I've read it.   

       //Now the thrilling hypothesis part.// [marked-for- tagline]
MaxwellBuchanan, May 03 2012

       You love having kids?
normzone, May 03 2012

       Congratulations, [beanangel], on having crafted an even higher quality of incomprehensible psuedoscientific nonsense. Keep up the good work!
Alterother, May 03 2012

       Obligatory Kung Pow quote: "Your weak link is, this is Earth."   

       With my editor hat on, I see this idea as being handicapped by the following statements which excerpted in order are:   

       >>>what about...to see if...have been published...may also be...thrilling hypothesis...may be...may actually be possible...I'm not sure...thus it is possible...so this might be<<<   

       I think with that many qualifiers this falls into the "no idea" category.
normzone, May 03 2012

       All your peptide base are belong to us.
UnaBubba, May 04 2012


       Rats, actually.
pertinax, May 04 2012


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