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Four-Legged Skirt

hip (x 4) gear for women
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The most exciting attire since the parabola bra is stunning the public, on runways from Paris to Bombay. It’s a combination design of pants and long skirt that’s so revolutionary, wearing it literally causes others turn their heads sideways to stare with open jaws.

Imagine you have two pairs of knee-worn jeans. Cut the four legs off halfway up and sew the ends together. You’ve now got a long skirt with an opening between the legs.

Pull on the chic, two-pair skirt with the waist that fits best, add one or two belts for a dash of color and step out in boots to make a fashion statement in capital letters.

FarmerJohn, Feb 13 2004

(?) sketch http://www.geocitie....html?1076689221281
[FarmerJohn, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Hobble Skirt http://employees.on...u/angellkg/4-49.jpg
From about 1910 [robinism, Oct 04 2004]

The anti-opposite approach Ladies_20Drop-Trou_20Boots
Can't hope to compete with the [Farmer], though [normzone, Aug 25 2008]

newer version Mono_20Bellbottom_20Pants-dress
[notexactly, Mar 26 2015]


       appareil madness.
jonthegeologist, Feb 13 2004

       Can you lenthen the "skirt" with another blouse at the bottom end?
GenYus, Feb 13 2004

       I want a parabola bra. <trips giving [FJ] a bun> +
k_sra, Feb 13 2004

       Just make sure you take everything out of your pockets. (clicks link again) Zippers! Wonderful - more pocket storage.
Worldgineer, Feb 13 2004

       You can make it out of two different sized jeans for sharing. You could have the bottom a bigger waistband, and flip 'em around after holiday meals!
DonBirnam, Feb 13 2004

       Could be tricky to walk since your calves are held together. That said, fashion should always come above function. +
hazel, Feb 13 2004

       Out with the sewing machine, and bake these at once. Perhaps you could add to the amusement by wearing the four-legged skirt as an ensemble with a push-me-pull-you blouse. This, of course, has collar, buttons and breast pocket both front and back. Add a deerstalker hat while we're at it. +
phlogiston, Feb 13 2004

       //the bottom a bigger waistband// A great way to show off how much weight you lost. "With my new Atkins-Schmatkins diet I will never need size 72 no more, so I found other uses for those pants."
kbecker, Feb 13 2004

       <== This side up. ==>   

       I misread the instructions and cut the legs off 2 wimmenfolk named Jean who had worn knees.
thumbwax, Feb 14 2004

       If we ever have a global-bakery get together, someone has to wear these.
silverstormer, Feb 14 2004

       I might have to try this, it would be a good way to get some use out of all my 3-inches-too-short jeans. {Just not at school. People laugh at me already. Once I'm famous, then I'll tell everyone who I got the idea from, and FarmerJohn will be like the next Juicy Couture! :)
spacecadet, Feb 14 2004

       <flopping sideways in chair> I can't cross my legs! </fsic>
k_sra, Feb 14 2004

       my god. it is genius. one more bun for your four-bunned idea.   

       "Honey, which end makes my ass look bigger?"
changokun, Feb 14 2004

       This is incredibly clever. Designers and crafty teens are constantly coming up with variations on the theme of "Blue jeans" but this is one they've never thought of.   

       I guess you would buy these at "The Gap?"   

       It seems like the hem would droop in back a bit. If you look at the height between the crotch and the waist on a typical pair of jeans, it is greater in back than in front. But you could solve this by making the bottom jeans up special.
robinism, Sep 06 2004

       Yeah. The bottom should be a stylish caricature of jeans.
bristolz, Sep 06 2004


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