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Muscle wire skirt

With automated curtsey function
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Something was different about Rachel's skirt. It looked pretty normal: thin, dark material, long, and narrow. I mean short and wide. Er, medium length and flowing. Wait, now it's rigid and ruffled. A very peculiar skirt indeed...

Sewn into the fabric are long strands of titanium-nickel wire; an alloy who's length shortens with an electrical current. The entire skirt is laced with these muscle wires. Energizing the vertical wires changes the length of the garment, while electrifying the lateral segments alters the diameter at each location.

Even more complex dynamic configurations can be attained with the aid of a microcontroller. Add an accelerometer, and the skirt can gracefully swing side to side with each stride. It can rise while running to increase mobility, and lower again when standing still.

If the batteries and circuitry are encased in a watertight enclosure, the skirt can be machine washed like usual, though care should be taken to avoid mechanical stress on the wires.

Aq_Bi, Aug 12 2007

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My, idea, with jeans [evilpenguin, Aug 12 2007]

Oh my god, baked. Civilization is at an end. http://gizmodo.com/...cks-nsfw-301788.php
Final sequence might be considered NSFW if your workplace is particularly prudish. (Just stop the video when the woman in the dark with the large hat starts). [Galbinus_Caeli, Sep 26 2007]


       Cool idea, one problem. =edit= Muscle wires consume tons of power and the power source would have to be huge, heavy, and cumbersome to the user (a women)   

       Check out my version smartass....
evilpenguin, Aug 12 2007

       Such a sexist attitude. I guess that's why they call you an evil penguin.   

       Large weights can be carried very comfortably around the waist of any of the genders. Place the batteries at the hem of the skirt for superb twirling action.
Aq_Bi, Aug 12 2007

       At least [Aq_Bi] can spell 'muscle'. And in a skirt, //(a women)// would, indeed, be cumbersome.   

       You might want to check your hem while walking through any magnetic fields. A little autogeneration could produce a true 'wardrobe malfunction'.
lurch, Aug 12 2007

       Excuse me for being offended here, //Such a sexist attitude// but where exactly would a women want to carry a 5 pound battery? It would be heavy, and connected through a cord. Or am I missing something here?
evilpenguin, Aug 13 2007

       It would be sewn into the skirt of course. The weight would be comfortably distributed around the waist.
Aq_Bi, Aug 13 2007

       //You might want to check your hem while walking through any magnetic fields. A little autogeneration could produce a true 'wardrobe malfunction'.//   

       The world anxiously awaits the new classic image of a certain movie starlet walking through a metal detector unawares, with her titanium-nickel skirt flexing powerfully upwards as she does her best to keep it down.
ye_river_xiv, Aug 13 2007

       Good luck getting through airport security wearing one of these.
Canuck, Aug 13 2007

       you know what would be cool is if my girlfriend wore one of these but i have the controls... "could you pick up that beer off the ground" apply very short skirt setting
F_R_O_G, Aug 13 2007

       How well would its shape correlate to the national economy?
RayfordSteele, Aug 13 2007

       Add a little radio receiver tuned to the stock prices, and the skirt can adjust its length accordingly.
Aq_Bi, Aug 15 2007

       You could even set it for a particular stock, if you didn't mind a skirt with a 20-minute delay.
lurch, Aug 15 2007

       Of course. It can also be programmed to counteract any swaying, making the wearer appear to be floating instead of walking.
Aq_Bi, Aug 15 2007


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