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GI bill for undergrads

Bet on your dedication
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You may be familiar with an American program called the GI bill. The GI bill is a program for people in the US military. If a servicemember pays a certain amount in advance (it used to be $8000) he can recieve a payout after the military as long as he recieved an honorable discharge and is going to school. Current payout is about $1000 per month for full time school, $500 for part time, and $250 for quarter time. Theres a limit of $36,000 total payout. The GI bill is making money because many people don't go to school even though they planned to. The GI bill is a strong incentive and help to complete one's education.

I propose a GI bill for every undergraduate student. It would require advance payment of $10,000 and after graduation would pay back $1500 per month ($750, $375) as long as the person is attending graduate school. There would be a total payout limit of $50,000. Dropouts would keep the program running and the truly dedicated would get the funding they need. The numbers are higher because graduate school has more dropouts.

Voice, Jul 18 2008


       Do you have any dropout rates for high schools?
xxobot, Jul 24 2008

       An excellent idea in theory. [+]   

       (when I enlisted, in 97, soldiers paid $1,200 into the G.I. Bill)
MikeD, Jul 25 2008


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