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Free (Numismatic) Gambling!

Available today - at your local bank!
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Hey, here's an idea for those of you who like to gamble... it's a way to gamble, with potentially HUGE payoffs, THAT DOESN'T COST A SINGLE PENNY.

Here's what you do. Take a $10 bill, go to your local bank, and get a roll of quarters. Then go to your local library, and get a current book on numismatics. Open the roll of quarters - and then check to see if any of your quarters are actually VALUABLE RARE COINS!

If you strike out - NO PROBLEM! Just go back to the bank, and get a DIFFERENT ROLL! In fact, if you then get $10 of PENNIES instead, you DRAMATICALLY INCREASE your odds of finding a VALUABLE RARE COIN!

Hey, it sure beats spending your paycheck on those scratch- offs, right?! Plus, you might find that you've gained a NEW FULFILLING HOBBY!

smendler, Jul 20 2013


       Or you could simply sort through the trash bin next to the lotto machine for any tickets that the purchaser failed to observe the winning nature of. I do believe that this form of gambling is also free, and equally thrilling.
WcW, Jul 20 2013


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