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flying drone slot machines

gamble on slot , anywhere, anytime
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sometimes i just feel like pulling a slot machine lever. but a real one.

i propose a hotline number on my cellphone that i call and it send a drone to my GPS location so allow me to pull a slot machine.

i know slot machines are bigger than you're average flying drone, so of course, we'll have to shrink it a bit, but you get the idea.

moma needs a new pair of shoes.

teslaberry, Jun 10 2014


       "This is not a gambling device; this is for entertainment purposes only. Insert coin, pull lever, and watch wheels spin. That's all."
Vernon, Jun 10 2014

       The fleet could also include Booze Drones with those little oneshot cocktail bottles, and Porn Drones. Moral types would be upset and serve as a new market for drones, sending out Christ Drones. Maybe St Cuthbert drones, for variety and to encourage people to name their new babies Cuthbert.   

       Once they saw what was up, whomever is funding that ISIS group and other badass organized Islamic fundamentalist armies can buy Sharia Drones to make sure people are toeing the line.   

       Lastly there could be fried chicken drones, for when you get a sudden craving for fried chicken but your car is up on blocks and it is night and you are scared. The drone will come, unimpeded by earthly impediments. People along its path will smell the chicken and order more. Sometimes you could just send a laden drone out in a big circle to drum up business with the aroma. Or lock on and follow the Doobage Drone.
bungston, Jun 11 2014


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