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Free Bug Catcher

Free as in "beer", or in this case "wine bottle"
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Nothing half-baked about this as I've been doing it for years, but 1/2-baked in that I've seen no other folks do it and the wife doesn't care for it much.

Easily catch spiders & bugs on the walls & ceilings of your house with an empty old wine bottle. When you poke the opening of bottle against the wall, around the critter, 99% of the time, they get startled, drop off the wall, and run for cover. Too bad for them, that cover is inside the bottle. Since you didn't smush them, there's no yucky mark on the wall to clean up.

Put the cork back on, and what you do next is up to you:

1. Catch & release.
2. Catch a few and let them live out their life together, in peace (or not - their choice). Add sticks, paper, or other things to their environment to see them spin webs & make homes.
3. Catch, & throw the whole thing in the recycling bin when it gets old.

Apologies in advance for not being silly enough here. Occasionally, the HB needs some doses of practicality to keep it balanced.

sophocles, Dec 07 2005


       they actually run into the bottle?
Voice, Aug 05 2011


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