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Mosquito Eating Plants

The Venus-Mesquito-Trap
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Cross breed Venus-Fly-Trap plants with a bat or some other biological creature that ingests mesquitoes and get a Venus-Mesquito-Trap plant. Set them out in the evening and enjoy a sultery evening without flying pests...
gorn_the_great, Jul 31 2001

(?) Mesquite http://aggie-hortic...ransas/Mesquite.htm
[jutta, Jul 31 2001]

(?) Mosquito http://eddie.cis.uo...s/pics/mosquito.jpg
[jutta, Jul 31 2001]

Venus Cat Trap http://www.halfbake.../Venus_20Cat_20Trap
For larger domestic pests. [8th of 7, Oct 17 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       [sp: mosquito, sultry. (Fixed in idea name.)]   

       While we're using poorly understood genetical engineering as a convenient source of miracles, splice in some luminescent jellyfish and earth worms and get a nice chain of party lights in the bargain!
jutta, Jul 31 2001

       Hmmm. Dragonflies are great eaters of mosquitoes, but pretty much daytime hunters. As jutta notes, crossing plants and animals is awfully fanciful stuff; maybe you'd have better luck selectively breeding to get nocturnal, lawn-based dragonflies.   

       Personal observation: even when mosquitoes swarm in the woods, the shores of some lakes here in the wilds of darkest Oregon are blessedly mosquito-free. I think it's because big, beautiful dragonflies are so common along the shorelines.
Dog Ed, Jul 31 2001

       'Should we tell him it's a boy cow?' "He'll figure it out."
StarChaser, Aug 04 2001

       Actually, fly eating plants will eat mosquitos if the mosquitos are fed to it. The problem is that such plants do not emit a scent to attract the annoying pests. Therefore, a better idea would be to develop a fly eating plant that gives off a scent that the little blood-suckers find attractive. I would bloody well think this would be much more easily done than crossing plants and animals.
El Pedanto, Aug 04 2001

       Sundews (Drosera) or butterworts (Pinguicula) will catch mosquitos quite nicely. You just need enough of them growing nearby (in hanging baskets?) to lower the odds of a mosquito making it across the garden to your arm to acceptable levels.
Trouvere, Aug 13 2001

       With [El Pedanto]'s suggestion, this actually becomes quite viable.
sadie, Oct 17 2002

       //splice in some luminescent jellyfish and earth worms and get a nice chain of party lights in the bargain!//   

       Actually, with modern techniques this is not very difficult <g>. The green fluorescent protein from the jellyfish Aqueora victoria is widely used to make other cells and even organisms fluoresce.   

       Problem is, you need a blue light of the right wavelength to excite the fluorescence. They don't just glow in the dark.
madradish, Dec 27 2002


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