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Free Food Map

Map of edible plants on public land
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Make a GIS layer for every city of all plants or areas for growing them on public land so that people can have a snack everywhere they walk.
jpskiier, Mar 06 2013

Edible Landscaping in Davis, CA http://daviswiki.org/Edible_Landscaping
This page had links to Google mapsfruit trees in davis (last time I was there). [swimswim, Mar 08 2013]

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       The problem with edible plants in many wilderness environments is that one cannot rely simply on pictures in a book or an app; a certain degree of hands-on experience is required in knowing where to look for them, judging ripeness (mature Blackroot makes a mildly hallucinogenic tea with a lovely earthy aroma; underripe Blackroot will kill you), and in discerning certain edible flora and fungi from copycat cousins, some of which are quite toxic. Guidebooks are a great place to start, but a local with some survival knowledge is your best next step.
Alterother, Mar 06 2013

       The problem with public spaces is that people may walk their dogs there to pee and poop on the plants.
Welcome to the hb. [jp]
xandram, Mar 06 2013

       Those dogs are supplying essential nutrients and you know it. What animals deposit goes right into the plants that we ingest (or inhale).
Alterother, Mar 06 2013

       More to the point, urban or public forest harvesting only works if a very limited selection of people know about it. Otherwise it's going to get completely picked clean, killing many plants (where leaves or roots are the target) or simply providing very limited and inferior product (where fruits or seeds are, since to get any people will pick them before they are ripe).
MechE, Mar 06 2013

       As far as I know, dog urine can kill most green plants. The poop may have a possibility of being fertilizer if left to decay.
xandram, Mar 06 2013

       Well, sure, the urine's not great, but dog feces composts nicely if mixed with enough other organic refuse. The end product has a very mild odor compared to some other common fecal composts.
Alterother, Mar 06 2013

       What really sucks is that in todays litigious society, the map's authors would get sued but some wanker who can't tell an apple from an acorn, or dropped into anaphalaxis 'casue they forgot about their peanut allergy and there wasn't a sign up.
Custardguts, Mar 06 2013

       I was hoping this would involve supermarket food samples. Interesting idea, anyhow ...
gisho, Mar 06 2013


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