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Free horsepower.

Use Absorption Cycle cooling to reduce air charge temp.
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The idea is to use cooling system hot water to charge a lithuim bromide and water solution to chill water to 40°F, then use this cold water to aftercool air from a turbo or supercharger.

Absorption cycles can produce a variety of thermal outputs. In common commercial use today are gas-fired absorption chillers, which produce chilled water for space cooling applications. The absorption cycle can produce low temperature cooling for ice production or cold storage. Turbine inlet cooling is a very efficient use of absorption cooling, boosting turbine efficiency by up to 15%. Many other applications exist in industry, where waste heat is available and cooling is required. Advanced cycles can also produce electrical or shaft power by producing steam or high pressure vapor to power a turbine/generator pair.

n2toh, Jan 06 2006


       I think that is a bloody brilliant idea. I wonder why it hasn't been used/thought of before. Why should we just use it with a turbo? it would certainly help normally aspirated engines as well. The gas fridge (or thermodynamic cycle)is an incredable invention which was invented by an incredible man.. Einstien. It would be ideally suited to an normally aspirated engine that has the intake manifold and exhaust on the same side of the cylinder head, that way you could put the hot end into the exhaust manifold and the cool end into the intake manifold. By doing this the hotish air that is entering the inlet manifold will contract. Therefore the air entering the combustion chamber will have more oxygen molecules therefore bigger bang and therefore more power! And that is what we all want!
Lambroast, May 21 2006

       Heck, it would be useful just for boosting the A/C. I'd try placing the heat exchanger on the catalytic converter. [+]
HaltAndCatchFire, May 21 2006

       Google gives me evidence that it's a real thing, but what the hell is adsorption cooling anyway? The only explanations I can find are a bit vague.
5th Earth, May 22 2006

       sounds intresting.... the only thing that concerns me would be the added weight of the heat exchangers / plumbing
evilpenguin, May 15 2007

       Wouldn't it be simpler to use a stirling engine across the heat gradient instead for more power? Still, it's a great idea.   

       Could this extra power be used for an inlet pump?
marklar, May 16 2007

       this sounds like to me the plan thought and done by on a fiero. and it was shown on horsepower tv.
#1gknus, Jul 19 2007

       [5th], look up Icy Ball refrigerator, and also try ammonia refrigeration. There are available even today refrigerators that operate not on electricity, but a small gas flame.   

       Mostly they work well, but if something goes wrong, you have to empty them out and TURN THEM UPSIDE DOWN for a day or two. No joke.
elhigh, Jul 19 2007

       hold it haven't someone done that already on a pontiac fiero. they had it on the tv show horspower TV. it put out substancle numbers. it had been developed by a renown engineer but he died in the 90's or 80's.
#1gknus, Jan 01 2008


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