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Free laser etched potato chips

Every potato chip has an advertisement lasered onto it, so each bag of a few hundred is actually a few hundred advertisements. Each chip is phone scannable. These bags of edible advertisments are available free at the grocery
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using lasers to engrave advertisement on potato chips, then having the advertisements be phone scannable provides a source of free food.

improving on that the Chip advertisements could be made with omega-3 lipids so they cause greater longevity even though they (might) be high in carbohydrates. I have also seen legume and rice based chips so there could be free "health food" chips as well.

Advertisers would cunningly differentiate flavors to reach different demographics.

beanangel, Oct 13 2016


       This is possibly your least-ridiculous idea! But who looks (closely) at their chips before om-nom-nom...?
neutrinos_shadow, Oct 13 2016

       At some point in the future, advertising will be illegal.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 13 2016

       I second netrinos_shadow. I am too busy enjoying.   

       Maybe not ads rather games or some sort of interest.
wjt, Oct 14 2016

       I think the advertisers won't like the fact that just about every bag of potato chips always has a few broken chips. If you paid good ad money and all you got for it was a broken ad, wouldn't you be a bit peeved about it?
Vernon, Oct 14 2016

FlyingToaster, Oct 15 2016

       Pringles would work best for this I think.   

       //advertising will be illegal//   

       How will this law be brought to anyone's attention?
pertinax, Oct 16 2016

       Yes: pringles. Yes: lasers.   

       But not just ads. All kinds of good pictures. I envision mosaic like tiles which people would assemble to solve a puzzle.   

       In fact something like that would be great for one of those "Break Out" type games where you are locked into a room and must solve puzzles to get the exit code. The players receive a can of chips which must be assembled into an image, that is the clue for the next step.
bungston, Oct 16 2016

       Don't play with your food!   

       I once bought some mac and cheese in the box that was dyed bright blue. (Sponge Bob something ) The color made me so queasy that I had to turn the lights out in order to eat it.   

       There may be certain colors that make people throw up. You don't want to print your chips in those colors.   

       Or maybe you do. Kids will challenge each other to eat anything. Just be aware certain colors say "poison" to the mind.
popbottle, Oct 17 2016

       Making advertising illegal will simply result in the law becoming less relevant to people's daily lives.
RayfordSteele, Oct 17 2016

       [popbottle]; Poison-dart frog, blue-ringed octopus: bright blue IS used by nature to signify "don't eat me, I'm toxic". Why anyone would think this is a good colour for mac-n-cheese...
neutrinos_shadow, Oct 17 2016

       //Making advertising illegal will simply result in the law becoming less relevant to people's daily lives.//   

       Well, that sounds like an excellent aspiration. 50% of people to whom the law becomes more relevant end up in gaol.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 17 2016

       (takes an audible, deep breath)   

       " Well, that sounds like an excellent aspiration ... "
normzone, Oct 17 2016

       + Yummy and funny. What's not to like. Vegan too.
blissmiss, Oct 18 2016

       //Don't play with your food!// Because you may form an emotional bond and won't be able to dispatch the food when needed.
wjt, Oct 18 2016

       I shall choose to have a 1:1 scale illustration of a potato crisp etched onto each of my potato crisps
hippo, Oct 18 2016

       Why stop at just etching? The crisps could be laser- cut quite precisely.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 18 2016

       Weight-loss clinics would be the first clients I would cold- call if I were a sales associate
r_kreher, Oct 18 2016

       Well, you cant give the crisps away. "They" would come and take them all and sell them at the Agora Mercado. Better to charge more than they are worth. To give them value.
r_kreher, Oct 18 2016

       Every Oreo has "Oreo" written on them. So....... baked????
r_kreher, Oct 18 2016

       I eat blue corn chips once in a while. Once, a friend refused to even try them, even after we told him many times that they tasted good.
notexactly, Oct 24 2016


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