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Helium-stored crisps/chips

Just for a laugh.
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Some forms of crisps are stored in some neutral gas. Why not just store them in helium? They would create a laugh for small children!
froglet, Apr 09 2005


       And then again, why not?
Basepair, Apr 09 2005

       Good god man. The implications of this invention are very high-pitched.
Blumster, Apr 10 2005

       Also available:
Hydrogen Stored Crisps/Chips
Just for a blast.
AfroAssault, Apr 11 2005

       //They would create a big laugh // Shirley, that would be nitrous oxide, not helium?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Apr 11 2005

       and with the typical ratio of chips to packet volume, I think this might work.
xaviergisz, Jun 03 2006

       Great idea. Should come with a straw. Caprisun style.
epicproblem, Jun 03 2006

       not only will the children be fat, but they will float like that blueberry girl in willywonka!
compatta, Jun 03 2006

       If the chips were just heavy enough to partially upset the helium, you could have chip bags that flew though the air in a straight line across the room. [+]
dehodson, Jun 19 2008


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