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Free lunch package paper

Sponsored by eg. newspapers
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1) There are a lot of people making their own lunch packages (at least here in norway) wrapped up in paper. 2) People often read a newspaper or magazine during their lunch. Newspaper might benefit from supplying shops with free wrapping paper with their ads on. I haven't seen this yet.
badger, Oct 02 2000

BagMedia http://www.spotonfor.com/sandwich.htm
Sandwich bags... Typically on a desk next to a PC... Viewed for 11 minutes... Can be printed in 1 to 4 spot colours [hippo, Oct 02 2000]

Bag Media are already active in the US and UK http://www.bagmedia.com
Deli bags, serviettes, wraps etc. [informer, Oct 02 2000]


       As the late Mr Heinlein might have put it: TANSTAAFLPP.
sirrobin, Mar 18 2001

       <wipes> Jeez, hand out umbrellas with those showers...
StarChaser, Mar 18 2001


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