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Pleated napkins that have hidden ads in the flap.

Call'em, Daddy's Dinner Diner Doyleys!

Macdaddyx1, Feb 24 2008

not an entirely new idea, except for the pleats... http://www.westsky.com/napkins.htm
[xandram, Feb 24 2008]

Folding paper http://www.abc.net....oments/s1523497.htm
Maths and description of paper folded 12 times [csea, Feb 26 2008]


       .. Guess you guys never heard of flexi- straws, either.   

       Ok class, flexi straws have a section of evenly spaced concentric circles that allow fluid to pass thru freely when bent.   

       Most children and a select few adults have the habit of fully distending the straws, exposing the hidden inner pleats.   

       "Quadro D" naps have the same feature, but can also advertise your merry little trinkets to your friends!
Macdaddyx1, Feb 24 2008

       I wanted this to be about a new productivity perk for full-time employees.
WcW, Feb 24 2008

       We've had these in England for aaages.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 24 2008

       Mr.Buch: have you a graphic of that item??
Macdaddyx1, Feb 24 2008

       If I'm a prospective advertiser, how are you going to convince me to hand over my money given the extremely low probability that //Most children and a select few adults// might just possibly actually happen to open the pleats of this napkin and perhaps expose my ad to the light of day, let alone to the eyes and minds of possible customers? And even if the "Quadro D" nap reaches full extension, there's still just a 50% chance my ad is not on the underside.   

       Don't call us; we'll call you. And enjoy your bone.
Canuck, Feb 25 2008

       Canuk: ever heard of a little thing called a greeting card?   

       The format is - a teaser question followed by a' cleverly concealed' punch line.   

       Put it this way; Everybody throws out the McD frybox, but they always check the Monopoly game piece! {ha!}   

       UnaB: I'm pretty sure it's not ADHD, but one thing's for sure - I can certainly command your attention.. Thanks for the fish!
Macdaddyx1, Feb 25 2008

       // I can certainly command your attention.//   

       I don't think [UnaBubba] takes orders...
theleopard, Feb 25 2008

       [Maddyx], I just want to let you know that even though I've seen ad napkins for many years, I didn't fishbone this until I read your annotations.
baconbrain, Feb 25 2008

       Actually, I twas the first to post a linky, but did not anno. What's up with flexi-straws? There are no ads on them?
xandram, Feb 25 2008

       More to the point, how could you mimic the properties of the concertina-type bit of a flexi-straw with a paper napkin? I'm not getting the actual mechanism of this idea at all.   

       And I'm also not getting the point of the idea either, as, as xandram's link points out, advertising on napkins is not exactly an earth-shattering concept. Why make it harder for people to see the advert on the napkin?   

       Plus - and I'm loathe to mention this, but I think it needs saying - Daddymac, you do have a particularly patronising and smugly self-satisfied tone in your annotations which immediately rubs me up the wrong way. You probably don't mean to come across that way, but it can get a bit wearing after a while.
lostdog, Feb 25 2008

       Xandram: thanks for the peace-making gesture...   

       LostDog: I really appreciate your tactful disclosure...   

       I know the importance of maintaining a good reputation and genuine friendships, and this is a concern of mine here at the HalfBakery.   

       The difficulty is in holding a defensible position for your brainchild, while tediously navigating sarcastic, and at times, caustic criticisms.   

       My cynical annos are always meant in satiric rebuff, and are most always directed toward annotators who choose to assume an agressive position.   

       At HalfBakery, i assumed this verbal parrying was expected, considering the innuendo ".. the heat (&) the kitchen.. " So duely posted, I harbor no Ill will or animosity for any of you fine bakers, neither on- or off-line.   

       If you care to, read my backlogs and see that I have great respect for you all, especially concerning your sincere replys.   

       I'm not a baby .. I can take a good shot, and often enjoy it! Just look at my fish collection!   

       p.s. WcW: that was definitely the better idea - I seriously considered changing the name just so you could develop that.
Macdaddyx1, Feb 25 2008

       geniuses are renowned for sketching out their ideas or indeed lyrics in pencil on napkins - and then they are sold for a fortune decades later. I dare say Einstein sketched out a few details and presumably Hitler et al hell bent on world domination likewise.   

       adverts would only put these giants off their mental threads and the subsequent value of said items would drop through the floor.
po, Feb 26 2008

       UB: don't worry, I'll do it on your behalf.
Macdaddyx1: the overall reception of your ideas suggests that you don't really get what this site is about, regardless of the quality of said ideas. Back up, spend some time reading other people ideas and the comments on them. If it still appeals after that, take some Prozac. And change your account name for something less MySpacey.
DrCurry, Feb 26 2008

       Independent of all the chatter, I think there may be an interesting idea here, albeit poorly expressed.   

       Perhaps the "pleats" are of a sort that can be flopped over, revealing a different pattern / message, along the lines of some origami foldings?


       Sort of like this in cross section, but where the verticals are joined at the top, folded left or right, and then printed with dissimilar patterns / messages.   

       Neutral waiting on further elaboration.   

       (While searching, I came across an interesting [link] disproving the old notion that it's not possible to fold a piece of paper in half more than 8 times.)
csea, Feb 26 2008

       //What's up with flexi-straws? There are no ads on them?/
Well dang it, there should be! Who's department is that?

       Heads will roll people!   

       They save the flexi-straw ads for the paper wrapper. Even the remaining children and majority of adults see the ad on the paper wrapper of a flexi-straw, unlike ads that are hidden away inside the folds of a napkin they are using solely to wipe their mouthal area.   

       Mac, I am very familiar with a greeting card. I still don't get the connection between this idea and greeting cards. Greeting cards are designed to be opened up and read, that is their point. Napkins, on the other hand exist to keep us clean and neat. I have seen far more people simply grab a bunch of them and wad them up to wipe a kid down versus carefully opening them up and examining all sides for advertising before putting them to use.   

       Perhaps you should consider taking a less possessive posture with your ideas. Post them, and set them free, to crawl, walk, and then run. Yes, perhaps they will stumble, maybe they'll find some buns or bones, but don't lash out, smiting anyone who dares criticize them. After all, it's simply an idea we are commenting on, not the individual who brought it up (unless we are provoked, and then hell hath no fury like a ticked-off halfbaker).
Canuck, Feb 26 2008


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