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Free Trial Trucks

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Trial Trucks operate similarly to ice cream trucks. They arrive in a neighborhood on a somewhat preset schedule. The vehicles themselves generate interest because they showcase new design and alternative fuel sources. The trucks are covered in advertisements and trial product offers are given away free or cheap in exchange for short surveys or completed feedback forms regarding the product. Brochures and ad materials are also handed out to interested prospects. Offerings would change frequently. The Trial Truck company would generate revenue from a return per item sold and or completed feedback form.

The attraction to consumers would be convenience, something new, and cheap or free product.

The attraction for advertisers would be feedback, advertising, and no slotting allowance cost.

pppporkins, Jun 20 2010


       Oh. And I was expecting a traveling courtroom, akin to the Bookmobile model.
normzone, Jun 21 2010

       I would have named that the Inquisition Van.
pppporkins, Jun 21 2010

       I like free stuff, and I don't mind telling everybody the name of my favorite elementary teacher or the city where my great aunt's first roommate was born.
kevinthenerd, Jun 22 2010

       Is the additional expense incurred by procuring, maintaining, insuring, and operating a fleet of trucks which canvass consumer communities justified when compared to the relatively nominal expense of providing in-store demonstrators and promotions in target stores within those same consumer communities? There are good reasons why bread, milk and even ice cream trucks are largely relics of a past (or quickly passing) era.
jurist, Jun 22 2010

       Well put. The expenses of the promotion would be spread out among the various advertisers. The trucks would be a part of the promotion and would basically be on loan/leased to the free trial co. to promote a new design/fuel tech/innovation. Furthermore, you may reach customers who never visit the promoting store(s) with products that they may never thought that they needed. Once the free trial item is in their house however, they may decide that it is indispensable. The goals of the promotion would be to break through the noise, garner word of mouth advertising, product placement within a household, specifically targeted advertising, and uniquely identifiable feedback.
pppporkins, Jun 22 2010

       Doesn't seem too different to the cars that radio stations own, driving around for competitions and freebie giveaways... baked?
DMc, Jun 23 2010


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