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Freedom Preservation Hammer Hat

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This is hat with an over sized hammer constructed into a concealed space in the upper portion of the hat. The hat affixes to the head tightly and may have a chin strap. The Hammer is attached to a spring loaded mechanical accordion mechanism that allows the hammer to swing and deliver an impact to the wearer.

Once triggered the hammer deploys in a spring loaded swing striking the wearer about the head.

Hats of this type can be distributed by a government that will require all citizens to wear them so that they may be triggered remotely by a secret government organization as deemed necessary in an effort to preserve the availability of freedom and deter civil unrest.

vfrackis, Jan 23 2013


       Hmmmm.....members of the government count as citizens too. Who gets to control the hammers in those hats?
Vernon, Jan 23 2013

       You could maybe consider emigrating to a less oppressive regime.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 23 2013

       Easily done... change the name of the country Montenegro to Montypython. Then you can legislate this sort of shit every day.
UnaBubba, Jan 23 2013


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