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Hat o' Nine Tails

A shady safety device
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It's late at night and you are walking home alone down a dark street, when you hear voices - suddenly you are under attack! Activate the Hat o' Nine Tails and they will be repelled.

This device is in all appearances, a normal top hat, but inside is a powerful spinning machine just waiting to lacerate the extremeties of unsavoury characters. Nine strips of leather about 80cm in length are attached to a high speed rotating motor - folded up inside the hat. A cord hangs down which when pulled - the hat pops off leaving the brim and revealing the whips that are beginning to spin. Another tug on the cord and the motor is switched off - much like a lamp switch.

The action is similar to a helicopter or lawn trimmer - but on the head.

benfrost, Oct 21 2004


       ducks will be repelled also.
benfrost, Oct 21 2004

       If the strips were attached to the motor at varying heights then the whipping would cover a greater angle. Other than that, I guess you'd just have to learn to angle your head correctly to repel attackers. I recommend studying the fighting style employed by RamMan from "Masters of the Universe". [+]
DocBrown, Oct 21 2004

       Or torque reaction twists your neck off?
unclepete, Oct 21 2004

       I like it. Ball bearings on the end of each tail would be good too.   

       Also doubles as a great way to practice fanblade opera. (shameless reference).
RayfordSteele, Oct 22 2004

       go go gadget hat-o'-nine-tails
dentworth, Oct 22 2004

       I can see the police using these in crowd control situations. Bun for putting cops in top hats. (+)
MrDaliLlama, Oct 22 2004


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