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Freezer Geyser

Use the heat generated by a freezer
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Fridges and freezers generate a lot of heat at the back, channel that energy into a water heater and we reduce electricity consumption around the home, even if just a little bit.
Trodden, Jan 16 2003

Energy saving shower http://www.halfbake...y_20saving_20shower
related home waste heat recovery idea by [Loris] [krelnik, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]

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       Anything that will help save.You could also lay the freezer (door side on the floor) and have a slow barbecue.
skinflaps, Jan 16 2003

       You wont have far to walk to fetch a cold beer whilst barbecueing.
Trodden, Jan 16 2003

       Thought this was going to be about freezing a geyser.

       I had a cool anno all ready to go about a water main rupturing and re-rupturing in the middle of winter not far from our house. The "geysers" eventually froze into these huge (15 - 20 ft.), incredibly blue mushroom looking structures all frozen together in line with the main.   

       Now I'll just have to keep it to myself (sigh).   

       Seems awfully close to "Refrigerator Freezer heatsink" which we already did. See link.
krelnik, Jan 16 2003

       Nah, Refrigerator Freezer heatsink wanted a simple choice of where to put the heat, not really to use it.   

yamahito, Mar 24 2003

       I like this idea more after hearing the South Africans talk about getting their water from the geezer. The Geezer? Leave him be! That hot water will help his lumbago!   

       I finally realized that geysers are hot water heaters. Not just Old Faithful.
bungston, Mar 24 2003

       First, please move this to product: refrigerator.   

       Second, here is my idea, a copy of yours that shall be deleted. Since I feel mine was more fleshed out (though many say your name is better) I shall post it here.   

       Refrigerator Heat Sink [edit, delete] Use refrigerator to pre-heat water (+6)   

       A refrigerator is just a heat pump. It takes heat from inside and pumps it into your kitchen. This presents a bit of a problem in summer months, when your house is warm already. First, the efficiency drops because a heat pump's efficiency is dependant on temperature difference, and it's harder to pump heat into a hot space. Second, it heats up your house. If you have air conditioning, then you're paying to remove heat from your refrigerator and pump it into the house, then paying again to pump that same heat outside.   

       I propose a refrigerator with a hot side water line. This water line will be hooked on one side to the water source of your house, and on the other side to the input of your hot water heater. This refrigerator will heat the water instead of your house, and as a bonus will reduce the amount of heat your hot water heater will need to put into your hot water.
Worldgineer, Mar 24 2003

       On the other idea, someone (comically, of course) suggested that the great energy conglomerates might be behind why a simple and smart idea like this has not been implemented.   

       In actual fact, in the US at least, most electric and other utility companies are quite positive about increasing efficiency of home energy use. The one in my state will even give you money to reinsulate your older home.   

       Why? Two factors: (1) increasing capacity costs a lot of money and (2) selling electricity (et.al.) to large customers like manufacturing plants is much more lucrative than the home market.   

       So, counterintuitive as it might sound, it actually increases the utility's profit for home users to use as little electricity as possible.
krelnik, Mar 25 2003

       Would this be pronounced 'freezer geezer' or 'fryser guyser'?
galukalock, Mar 25 2003

       One might think you are referring to Walt Disney.
Worldgineer, Mar 25 2003

       Worldgineer: I think this is a combination appliance, not exactly a fridge, I considered putting the idea in the category that you suggested but it seems comfortable here.   

       The merge of your idea is most welcome, it does go over the finer points of my spartan one-sentence idea.
Trodden, Mar 26 2003

       Thank you for the hospitality. home: appliance will do.
Worldgineer, Mar 26 2003

       i'm surprised that this discussion has gone on so long without any mention of the oddity of a hot water heater.   

       if the water is hot, why heat it? what it should be called is a cold water heater.   

       of course, with this recycled heat, the water going inwill be warmish, so perhaps a warm water heater...   

       or just drop all this nonsense and call it what it really is: a water heater.   

urbanmatador, Mar 29 2003

       There is no technical why the condenser unit for waste heat from refrigerator/freezer can't be formed into a cylindrical heat transfer unit with fan. The heated air could be channeled to the kitchen with a simple plastic air duct when warmth is needed, or outside, like a dryer exhaust when the house needs air-conditioning.   

       But manufactures of refrigerators/freezers do not really care how much you spend on heating/cooling your house. It would have to be forced on manufactures just as insulation was forced by legislation on them. Write your congressperson.   

       El Dueno
el dueno, Apr 06 2008

       Refrigerator mfr's don't care about waste heat because it's not their concern. Their product does what it does, and it's not too complicated to remove the radiator from the back and replace/resite it.   

       My idea was to put the radiator under an aluminum countertop so your dishes would dry faster and your meat defrost easier.
FlyingToaster, Apr 06 2008


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