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Glamorous dehumidifier landscaping

Famous california people put up solar panels, run dehumidifiers, collect the atmospheric water and water their optimally planted lawns with the green water.
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Famous California people put up solar panels

Translation: some people still do ecological virtue-signalling!

Run dehumidifiers,

Translation: the electricity from the solar panels pulls water out of the air, even if it is dry out. This water is collected.

Collect the atmospheric water and water their optimally planted lawns

Translation: you put however much solar panelage up as you like to get whatever volume of water you want. You have planned your lawn, which could go from golf course sprawl, to, at the tasteful side, some edible landscaping.

Others might concentrate on adding value to the land and dwelling package: The landscaping a potential dweller sees is what is authentically environmentally covered and available. Great landscaping, $0 water bill.

with the green water.

Translation: It is possible that with iterations this will produce a defined cultural value "green california lawn" that lets people have sustainable cushy enjoyable green spaces even when urged otherwise.

beanangel, Mar 03 2019


       Hmm. If enough people did this, would it not further reduce natural rainfallage?
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 03 2019

       I think California is one of the States where it might be illegal to even collect the rainwater on your property.   

       Wow - I just did some Googling to verify that. It turns out that some states have laws that prevent you from building HUGE reservoirs on your land to collect rain that would otherwise drain into rivers (fair enough, I guess). But in Colorado it's actually illegal to collect the rainwater that falls on your house. Home of the free.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 03 2019

       On the other hand, if you need to irrigate, you've planted the WRONG PLANTS for where you live. Eg. if you live in a desert, plant cacti, not grass.
neutrinos_shadow, Mar 03 2019

       //if you live in a desert, plant cacti, not grass.// I thought it was "if you live in a desert, plant oil wells. Then you get to plant grass."
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 03 2019

       I like the idea of using portable solar panels which shade interface areas of desert to let plant life creep back and reverse the process of desertification by providing energy.   


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