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Frequent Driver Miles

Anyone have a better suggestion on category?
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Most people are familiar with the 'frequent flyer miles' that are doled out by airlines. Why not use the same idea for autos?

The nozzles on the hoses at fuel stations would be modified to include a small scanner similar to a bar-code or anything else of that sort, which would only turn on when the hose had been taken off of the pump's rest. A corresponding registration code unique to the vehicle would be found just on the inside of the car's gas tank, on the inside lip of where the gas cap screws off. When the hose nozzle is inserted, the registration code is read by the pump and it logs how much gas you purchase into the station's/company's (depending on whether it is part of a chain) database, and the more you buy from a certain company/station, the better the discount you get. Of course this discount could not grow over a certain percent (certainly, the company wouldn't let it); perhaps, however, you would have to continue purchasing gas from the company/station in order for your discount not to begin falling.

Add-on: Would also be useful for catching and logging the progress of stolen vehicles.

Caracal, Jun 08 2003


       Do we really want to encourage people to consume more gasoline?
kurleykyew, Jun 08 2003

       They're going to whether you encourage them or not.   

       Aside from which, it would work for fuels besides gasoline, so long as they were station-purchased. Electric-operated cars could work the same way.
Caracal, Jun 08 2003

       Do we want to add electronics (or any extra energy) to the place where we put liquids which, when vaporized, make fire?   

       Pay with debit/credit cards, and track based on that. They probably do anyway… Circumvents the stolen vehicle thing tho.
swamilad, Jun 08 2003

       Gas stations already reward loyal customers with discounts. You get a little card with a UPC code on it for your key ring, scan it before filling the tank and pay your discounted price.   

       The system in effect now is better than [Caracal]'s because the customer receives the discount regardless of what car (s)he's driving and there's no need for special codes and readers in the gas tank.
snarfyguy, Jun 08 2003

       Just award points for purchasing the gas on the merchant's credit card account. That's certainly better than this electronic scanner contraption.   

       Gas chains already do this anyway, to entice you to always use them. However my experience is you end up paying more, even if you pay off the bill monthly. Better to go across the street to the lower priced place.
waugsqueke, Jun 08 2003

       Does any one know if there is a present technology that allows you to pay cash at your pump. I know that groceries are using this type of technology in self check-out lines.   

       If you had a 5 dollar bill and wanted 5 dollars in gas wouldn't it be efficient if the pump let you put in cash right there so you could avoid waiting in line inside. Let me know what you think.
OSO, Mar 25 2004

       [OSO] Yes, this exists. Generally there are a few machines near the pumps that accept cash or credit cards. You type in your pump number, insert your cash, then your pump stops itself when you reach that value.
Worldgineer, Mar 25 2004


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