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Gas Pump bulletin board

Pump and read
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You know how when you fill your tank at a self serve station you just sit there and blankly stare at the side of the pump. There needs to be a bulletin board at each pump where you can read or leave messages or little bulletin board adds,llike "garage sell two blocks away" Trashy postings could be torn down. Something useful to look at while gassing up.
Imathinker, Jul 10 2004


       i see that all the time its called vandalism :))   

       im just joshin ya!! good idea, but maybe there could be jokes there, too. that would be cool   

       and instead of writing stuff there could be those electric sentance things where the words move so the people at the gas station can monitor what goes on the pumps
yellowblueberries, Jul 10 2004

       You could also have at least the news on or a weather radar of your local area on the pump. Something to look at.
Imathinker, Jul 10 2004

       hmmmm... so im assuming that your agreeing on the electrical moving word thing? (geez, what is that thing called?)
yellowblueberries, Jul 10 2004

       Electronic billboard. Been around for a while on some gas pumps, though apparently not widespread.
thumbwax, Jul 10 2004

       Buff twits?   

       BP has little interactive screens on the pumps, with headlines, sports, weather etc. don't know how widespread though.
xclamp, Jul 10 2004

       Not wider than the pump, I would think.
FarmerJohn, Jul 10 2004

       headlines etc what a great idea by BP not, most cars come with a system for spreading this information a Radio.   

       a more local bulletin board would be great. +
engineer1, Jul 12 2004


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