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Frequently Lost Folders list

Find things on your hard disk that you've found before
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This is similar to the "Recently Used Folders/Files" list that computers often supply you with. But it focuses on directories that you seem to have had trouble finding before you finally opened them.

This list of directories would improve hard disk search programs dramatically by allowing them to first search folders where the item is most like to be found. (Or lost.)

To assemble such a list of directories, the computer could monitor you from the background, and, when it notices you navigating, opening, and closing, several folders in a row, without actually doing anything to a file within them, the computer could mentally add the folder you eventually *do* use to its "Frequently Lost Folders" list, knowing that you, no matter how many times you've asserted that now you definitely know which folder that document is in and will never forget that ever again, are probably full of mouse balls.

Proposed Interface Improvements:

An "Add to Frequently Lost Folders" button on the address bar so you can manually add locations to the list;

Option to turn off automatic Lost Folder List Updating (to be implemented in Windows after about 8 more stupid versions);

Folders in the explorer or navigator are listed in red if they are frequently lost - this helps draw your attention to them and also lets you right-click and choose "Remove from Lost Folders List" -- but see the previous paragraph before you select this...

Thank you.

phundug, Jan 12 2007

Spotlight http://www.apple.co...features/spotlight/
wonderful Spotlight [xenzag, Jan 12 2007]


       Dammit, where is that folder with all the lost folders in it!!!!
jhomrighaus, Jan 12 2007

       just get yourself a Macintosh, and look at Spotlight, which I believe is one of the many features that Microsoft has copied like a good little pup in their "new" Vista system.   

       It takes me less than a second to find anything on my computer, and I have over 5000 photographs as well as numerous folders. With Spotlight, you just start typing a word and the results appear like magic, even the contents of emails - brilliant ! We Mac users are a very happy lot.
xenzag, Jan 12 2007


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