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Turn your kitchen visits into healthy workouts
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Get some exercise or work on your diet with these adjustable tension hinges for refrigerators and cabinets. A great way to workout in the comfort of your home without space-hogging personal workout machines. Just open and close the fridge a few times.

Adjust the tension on each hinge with an easy-to-reach screw. The notch in this flathead screw points to the current setting. Turn the screw to 3 o'clock and the fridge door now requires 25 pounds of force to open (11.34 kilograms for our metric friends). Set to 6 o'clock for 50 pounds, 9 o'clock for 75 pounds or 12 o'clock for no resistance at all.

Once the door or cabinet has been pulled all the way open, the hinge resets, now requiring an equal amount of force to close. Exercise both arms simultaneously by opening and closing cabinets with double doors. Before long, you'll turn a simple trip for Cheez Puffs into a muscle- building experience.

In my own case (my profile is positively Hitchcockian these days), having to work just to open the fridge would deter casual snacking.

FrostedFlake, Dec 08 2005


       To add to the workout, put everything 10 feet into the air requiring you to use a rope ladder in order to access the various cabinets. Not only will you have to use brut strength in order to open the door to the fridge but you will have to climb for your food.
Jscotty, Dec 08 2005


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