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Fridge Straw II

a really long, pump assisted fridge straw
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A really long straw that you can insert into a drink in your fridge. As soon as you suck on your end, a really small pump helps you with the vacuum problem inherent in having a really long straw.

[Pashute]'s version is nice too.

neilp, Aug 14 2003

(??) original Fridge Straw http://www.halfbake...idea/fridge_20straw
the original, and some would say best. [neilp, Oct 05 2004]

Freekee Soda http://www.britvic....E0-AC73E511553E.htm
[ack] someone has already baked sodamilk. eerrgghh. [jonthegeologist, Oct 05 2004]


       but wouldnt you have half a gallon of milk in the straw before it gets to you? Then what do you do when you change drinks?
crispee, Aug 14 2003

       Solution: a really really thin straw. To have the same volume as a normal straw (call it 1/4"):
100' straw * (d/2)^2 * pi = 1/2' straw * ((1/4")/2)^2 * pi
100 * (d/2)^2 = .5 * (1/8)^2
d = (((1/128) / 100)^.5) x 2 inches
d = .0177" diameter

       This would require quite a pump though.
Worldgineer, Aug 14 2003

       It would look odd at a party with all those people standing around the fridge sucking, but if you go for this kind of stuff you could pressurize the fridge a little and keep the drinks in open containers inside. That way you need only one pump.
kbecker, Aug 14 2003

       [ack] sodamilk has already been done. tragically.
jonthegeologist, Aug 15 2003


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