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multi-head flavor infusion straws

one flavor or a mix- you decide
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I envision a straw that encloses multiple smaller straws, each with a little crook neck for ease of sipping. The smaller straws have a flavor core encapsulated by a pinhole covered one-way bladder. The bladder is necessary to contain the virgin flavors. Simply pop open the pack, arrange the inner straws for ease of combination, drop into your milk carton, water or seltzer bottle, and suck away. It's really the only way to have customizable flavor mixes. Anyone want chocolate-cherry-mint? No problem. Lemon-coconut-banana? Gotcha covered. Great to stop the kids from squabbling, too. Save the unused ones for another go. Refills available in single or multi-flavor packs. Market analysis will respond to demands for favorite mixes such as dairy, fruit and tropical.
Rm Brz, Aug 15 2006

Voice is right, I found the *twin sipper* http://www.platespl.../detail.aspx?ID=502
[xandram, Aug 17 2006]


       Never encountered Flavor Straws (possibly because I grew up on another continent), but sounds like a kiddy-hit.
DrCurry, Aug 15 2006

       Like, Pixie Stix I assume...flavored sugar powder inside a straw. This is great. Someone can be drinking lemonade out of one glass while anoter person drinks cola from the same glass.
jellydoughnut, Aug 16 2006

       Baked: my son has a two sided tippy cup, each side has a straw. They come together at the top to mix flavors. He loves it.
Voice, Aug 16 2006

       [Voice] If this is truly baked, please link to the product. I looked and looked. And looked again.
Rm Brz, Aug 17 2006

       I worked on a corporate video for a product like this some years ago. They were trying to raise investment capital. Baked, but not widely so.
m_Al_com, Aug 17 2006

       The "twin sipper" does not have flavor infusion in the straw- it is just a cup with a barrier between two separate types of liquid. Not my idea at all.
Rm Brz, Aug 17 2006

       I'm sorry [Rm Brz] I only found the link of what Voice had mentioned.
xandram, Aug 17 2006


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