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From CD to 3D

small device for converting old cds into a large structure
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We all have loads of CDs that are either faulty or redundant. Disposing of these is a problem, for which this is another solution, albeit a Halfbaked one. (with any luck)

From CD to 3D is a small device, similar in size and design to that of a Foreman grill. When you want to dispose of a CD, you pop open the cover or the device, drop in the CD, and close the lid. You then have to set the "curvature output" control. Switching on the device causes the CD to be heated and forced into a slightly dished shape. It also receives four equidistant holes at the cardinal points, close to its perimeter.

Your CD is now ready to join the others in a pile, waiting for the day when you have nothing better to do, except begin assembling them together. This is achieved using the drilled points to join them to each other with short wire twists.

This result is the creation of a giant, mirrored ball, of little use to anyone, except for tumbling down a grassy hill.

* note construction of ball not recommended to be undertaken in a small room

xenzag, May 19 2007

George Hart's sculptures http://www.georgeha...ture/sculpture.html
More fun with CDs (and other media) [imaginality, May 19 2007]

George Radebaugh's CD sculptures http://www.cdsculpture.com/
[imaginality, May 19 2007]


       All that's needed is for one village to show a little initiative, and it could become as famous for its annual CD-rolling as Cooper's Hill is for its cheese-rolling. [+]
imaginality, May 19 2007


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