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From Go to Politician in one easy step!

use gaming computers and create AI with them
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Take a generalized gaming AI. Give it the words and rules of the English language as potential moves. Set up little booths in various highly populated places, such as Times Square. Define "success" as getting people to put money into the machine. Define "failure" as having people attempt to break the machine.

Let the gaming AI try different techniques until it's successful at this. It might start out with random words, then focus on words that tend to get donations (such as "please help") then graduate into full shill speeches, lies, and promises. If it's set to keep trying new kinds of tactics it may even start writing and selling novels. Or running scams. Or selling building designs. Or songs. Any of these would be, I think, proof of strong AI.

Voice, Jan 28 2016

AI speeches http://www.technolo...political-speeches/
And if elected, I promise... [whatrock, Jan 28 2016]


       Someone's certainly getting the speeches nailed down [link]. If this idea becomes baked would you vote for an AI leader?
whatrock, Jan 28 2016

       Reasonably impersonating a politician is proof of strong AI? Are we sure about this?
RayfordSteele, Jan 28 2016

       Well, at least it's not in...Oh, wait a minute.   

       What's that thing they say about AI ?   

       " If we understand how it works, it's not intelligent or artificial ? "   

       Something like that.
normzone, Jan 28 2016

       //at least it's not in//   

       I swear I put it in the right category [grumble grumble]
Voice, Jan 28 2016

       //Define "success" as getting people to put money into the machine. Define "failure" as having people attempt to break the machine.//   

       I foresee a tragic story arc: the more people put money into the machine, the greater the incentive to break the machine to get the money out.
pertinax, Apr 12 2023


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