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Front-View Side Mirror

Wow! I almost tried to pass! Close call!
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This is an addition to the passenger side mirror for locales that do left-side driving with left-side drive cars. That puts you next to the left shoulder on the left side of the road with virtually no way to see if you can pass, even when it’s legal to do so.

The Ultimate Safety Mirror to Prevent Head-On Collisions adds a passenger-side mirror with a larger front-facing mirror that gives the left-side driver a clear view of the oncoming traffic in the opposing, right lane.

In addition there’s a lighting system that warns the oncoming traffic that you are pulling into their lane before you can see that lane directly.

The converse is true as well: right-side drive cars on right-side drive roads can mount one on their passenger-side mirror to get a bit earlier notice that they will be flattened by the cement truck if they pull out. Optionally, you can get one that comes with a scissor mount that extends the mirror another 18” to improve the view.

Should be about $50. Of course, this is much too simple and will be replaced almost immediately by 16-megapixel cameras studded all over the body of the vehicle and a computer that automatically edits your trips and records serious offenders for posterity. Should be about $1100.

minoradjustments, Apr 02 2024


       [+] but I wonder if it would need to stick out too far into the oncoming traffic - else it couldn't see around car ahead of you. Maybe a tall periscope looking OVER rather than around the side would work better.
a1, Apr 02 2024

       [a1] Note the retractible scissor extension mount for narrower cars or wider trucks.
minoradjustments, Apr 02 2024

       Interesting. [+]
doctorremulac3, Apr 02 2024

       // Note the retractible scissor extension mount //   

       You're right - I missed that on my first read. Or did you sneaky-like put it in after my comment?
a1, Apr 02 2024

       The original said “scissor mount,” assuming that the only reason to have one is to make it adjustable. My response to your comment added “retractible” to remove any doubt of the purpose of the scissor mount. Sneaky-like, huh? We’re back to Salvador Dali in NYC, are we?
minoradjustments, Apr 02 2024

       // We’re back to Salvador Dali in NYC, are we? //   

       Was that the time he was hanging out with Bugs Bunny, wearing a wife-beater?
a1, Apr 02 2024

       [a1] Right. Walking his cheetah to the gallery. I saw him in my rear-view mirror. And again last Tuesday. But no cheetah. Weird.
minoradjustments, Apr 03 2024

       But why was Bugs wearing a wife beater?
a1, Apr 03 2024

       Have you seen Bugs' wife?
RayfordSteele, Apr 08 2024


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