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Furry Critter & Pedestrian Catcher

Like a cowcatcher, only softer.
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For those of us who've hit a kangaroo* or a dog or a deer or a nun or a penguin, this will make sense, I guess.

A fine, elastic net that ensnares critters (including pedestrians) that we accidentally hit. Soft, foamy cushioning on the front of vehicles, behind the net.

Then, after running into a little old lady, you can disentangle her from the net, gather up her shopping bags and set her on her way.

*Barrelled a kangaroo last night... very sad.

UnaBubba, Jan 16 2013

Try this http://sav-a-life.c...j7LQCFW6CQgod8CcATg
Canadian's believe this works [Brian the Painter, Jan 16 2013]


       awww, sniff sniff. Kangas are soooo cute! I'm telling on you!
Brian the Painter, Jan 16 2013

       It's really sad. It was a little red-shouldered wallaby. Cute little guys. Some of them learn to stay off the roads; some are risktakers, it seems.
UnaBubba, Jan 16 2013

       Do roo's walk through your yard like deer do in Canada? I think deer and kanga's look similar in their faces.
Brian the Painter, Jan 16 2013

       Sorta like deer, on springs.   

       They "walk" around our yard, which is 10 acres. There are usually a few beside the driveway as I head off to work each morning.
UnaBubba, Jan 16 2013

       So cool. I gotta bounce down there some time. bucket list! OK, don't whack anymore, it'll take a while for me to save enough money.
Brian the Painter, Jan 16 2013

       Thinking about some sort of GE idea about "springy deer", now. Thanks Bubba. Maybe with wings too.
blissmiss, Jan 16 2013

       [blissmiss], springy deer already exist --see "pronghorn antelope"
Vernon, Jan 16 2013

       There's a device sold in Australia, called Shu-Roo. It's supposed to scare kangaroos off the road with an ultrasonic (for humans) whistle. Not sure if they work or not.   

       I would make the observation that kangaroos often seem to decide at the very last moment that they DO actually want to cross the road in front of your car, often with predictably catastrophic results.
UnaBubba, Jan 16 2013

       I've seen those ultrasonic whistle thingies in Canada and Australia. Even if they DID work as advertised, I always imagine that within the first 24 hours after installation they'd be permanently gummed up with the first unlucky insect you collect at high speed and you'd never know whether the device was operating or not. On the other hand I've never even came close to hitting a kangaroo in Canada or a moose in Australia.
AusCan531, Jan 17 2013

       If you see a moose knuckle you know you want to hit it, [AusCan]. ;)
UnaBubba, Jan 17 2013

       // a nun or a penguin //   

       Trouble is, if you drive a Land Rover, it's almost impossible to tell the difference between a short nun and a tall penguin until you've reviewed the recording from the FLIR …
8th of 7, Jan 17 2013

       It's just a matter of how many drinks you've consumed, [8th].
UnaBubba, Jan 17 2013


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