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Frosted Rice Crispies

Every wonder why Tony the Tiger never met up With the Rice Crispie twins?
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Cross the sugar ingredients of your favorite cereals.

i.e. Frosted Rice Crispies or Honey Comb Fruit Loops or...... Chocolate Covered Sugar Bombs (haha)

This has huge neo-branding and neo-advertising potential to everyone's already very familiar and establihsed breakfest gang.

johnbakersmon, Aug 20 2008

Kellogs has Frosted Rice Krispies http://www.amazon.c...spies/dp/B0002BQLH8
[bnip, Aug 20 2008]


       Baked. <link>
bnip, Aug 20 2008

       (But only that one combination is baked, as far as I know. They should try other combos as you suggest.)
bnip, Aug 20 2008

       There could be a story line, like the two characters got married or something, or had a baby, to go with the combined cereal. Could be weird in some examples... Also, there aren't many female cereal characers. Lots of fairly androgynous ones, maybe.
bnip, Aug 20 2008

       [marked-for-deletion] widely known to exist.
zen_tom, Aug 20 2008

       I think one of the Rice Crispie triplets was actually borne and Poplena!! I am having trouble thinking of the gender neutral character of which you speak, it is an interesting thought.
johnbakersmon, Aug 21 2008

       Definitely male: Tony the tiger, Cap'n Crunch, Fruit Loops toucan, all the human-like characters that I can remember.   

       Some animals, it's a little more ambiguous: the Cocoa Puffs cuckoo, the Trix rabbit; they're probably male, but maybe not.
bnip, Aug 21 2008

       Never mind, I googled and they appear to all have gender specific names.
bnip, Aug 21 2008

       Yes Kellogs has the Krispies but I don't see Tony the Tiger anywhere on the box!
johnbakersmon, Aug 28 2008


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