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part of a nutritious and head-banging breakfast
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Oat O's and marshmallow bats, marketed to the metal set. Print guitar tabulatures on the back and put concert tickets in every Nth box.
djymm, Jul 01 2001


       Probably have to have something alive and wriggling in it, wouldn't you think? I mean, what serious satan-worshipping metal freak is going to settle for...marshmallow bats?
Dog Ed, Jul 01 2001

       Breakfast for the metal-heads of my acquaintance is usually meat pie, chips (UK version) and gravy. Cold, of course, and washed down with Thunderbird.
angel, Jul 01 2001

AfroAssault, Jul 02 2001

       Not the greatest idea, but I was helping a friend move and somehow got a cereal jingle to the melody of N.I.B. stuck in my head.   

       The alive and wriggling concept, now that would be interesting. Shelf life would become a probelm, though.
djymm, Jul 02 2001

       Anything that reduces the pigeon population is worth a look.
angel, Jul 02 2001

       Excellent idea! Perhaps the wriggling component could be arranged by the folks at Meal Worm Crunch (see above). How about a Tool cereal with penis-shaped peanut butter puffs; or Cream, the cereal--each member of the band gets his own box, but the box is empty--you put your milk in a bowl and, voila, Cream Cereal! Motley Crue Mix--condoms in every box, and one lucky winner(?) each year wins a summons to appear in court in place of Sixx/Mick/Vince/Tommy.
zaphod12, Nov 06 2001

       I would actually buy this! Plus the concert tickets would be great! [+]
christjan08, Mar 14 2012


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