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Frozen ice cream cup cakes

Thick layers of fantasy in the shape of a cup cake
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I think there could be a layer of that won't-melt-in-your-hand-but-can-be-bitten-through-easily type chocalate with nuts on the top of the muffin some special candy mixed in on top. In the middle is a type of ice cream in a ball that is named after a type of muffin.
There could be many variations that would match well between the candy on top, and the icecream flavor inside.
There could be 1. Reese's pieces chocalate tuxedo cheesecake. Or 2. Rockyroad and nut ice cream muffin. Or 3. Chocalate covered strawberry ice cream muffin.
A variation on all of these could be a layer of syrup or caramel topping between the top chochacalate and the lower creamiculate. Some of Chuckfins's Icey's would love a good creaming with muffins galore on a sunday morn'.
nratzan, Jun 08 2003


       Recipe? Hell if I know.
phoenix, Jun 08 2003

       I'm calling 'recipe'. If anyone asks, don't tell them it was me.
Cedar Park, Jun 09 2003

       Disagreed: a suggestion for commercial product, not a recipe.
DrCurry, Jun 09 2003

       I have to agree with [DrCurry]. I didn't even know recipes weren't allowed, but where did anyone get the idea I was trying to make a recipe. There's no measurments, no steps, no specific ingredients, and last, they're called Chuckfin's Icey's. That's as commercial as it gets. AND... only company's who add all sorts of chemicals can get that chocolate to be exactly the way it gotta bee. Louisiana love cooled down and given a chatanooga-chocalate hug.
nratzan, Jun 09 2003

       How is // a suggestion for commercial product, not a recipe. // ? Seems it can be both, no?
waugsqueke, Jun 09 2003

       I think Coke is a commercial product. I know what it tastes like, and hot it's all bubbly and has a dark caramel color, but where's the recipe.
nratzan, Jun 09 2003

       Don't want to be sarcastic Waugs, I just think a recipe is much more detailed than this, and involves much more than the final product. The final product is, in the end, the commercial product, but the recipe are only directions on how to get there. I don't describe how to get there but where one would finally be, at the delicious Chuckfin's yadda yadda.
nratzan, Jun 09 2003

       Just playing devil's advocate. There's nothing in the idea content that suggests this is a commercial product - just a description of the food item, which certainly could be considered a recipe. Perhaps the commercial product suggestion is the line about "Chuckfins's Icey's", I have no idea what that is.
waugsqueke, Jun 09 2003


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