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Nacho Cheese Cake

fusion cuisine dessert cart
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concave sombrero shape to better retain pico glaze
fsaville, Mar 01 2005

Velveeta™ Fudge http://www.kraftfoo.../VELVEETAFudge.html
Cheese fudge from the Kraft Foods site. [reensure, Mar 01 2005]


DesertFox, Mar 01 2005

ato_de, Mar 01 2005

       Flan dango.
reensure, Mar 01 2005

       I would probably puke.
skinflaps, Mar 01 2005

       I'd be willing to taste a tiny forkful of it, just so I can say I've had Nacho Cheese Cake.
Machiavelli, Mar 01 2005

       And nacho cheese is what, exactly, in the proposed concoction?
bristolz, Mar 01 2005

       Nacho Cheese is a gelatinous substance of (often spicy) dairy-like material which resembles melted cheese in texture. Into this substance, nacho chips are dipped. This seems to be a cheesecake made from nacho cheese.
contracts, Mar 01 2005

       Yeah. I mean, there's no real prescribed method or ingredients for arriving at "nacho cheese," right? So, I think it's most commonly cheddar or something dreadful like Velveeta and I'm just wondering how one could make anything resembling a cheese cake with either of those.   

       I don't think this is a recipe. There's no procedure or ingredient list or any of the hallmarks of a recipe.
bristolz, Mar 01 2005

       Well, velveeta is relatively solid at room temperature. If served chilled, it would probably be about as viscous as cheesecake. *shrugs* I defer to your interpretation;
contracts, Mar 01 2005

       Now, that Velveeta Fudge recipe *did* make me gag. I need ginger ale...
Machiavelli, Mar 01 2005

       But what if you whip the velveeta while it's all hot and gooey? Will it retain the froth when it's chilled? Will that make it easier to scoop up chunks with a chip?   

       Maybe it could be chilled in a jello mold and filled with guacamole?
Freefall, Mar 01 2005

       Nachos... ewwwww.
Pericles, Mar 01 2005


       Mmmmmmm.... Nachos......
energy guy, Mar 02 2005

       This sounds delicious. [=]
quantum_flux, Jan 18 2008

       There used to be a pizza place in my town that did a nacho pizza. It was fucking delicious.
Eugene, Jan 18 2008

Voice, Aug 02 2010


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