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Fruit with Blood

Pracital joke for your vegetarian friends
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There could be "fruit with blood". It would consist of an apple, which has had its insides removed from a small hole in the top, much like carving a pumpkin. This is replaced by a mixture of red food coloring and corn syrup, and the top is then replaced and sealed.

You serve the apple to your friends, they bite into it, and "blood" runs down their chin.

I tried this when I was around 12 years old, but the apple went bad before anyone chose to eat it.

tosspot62, May 05 2007


       better with bread
po, May 05 2007

       Also interesting for Halloween, with yourself as the "victim" and parents paranoid about fruit with razor blades in it. Penn & Teller did the heart-shaped jell-o mold version of this in "How to Play With Your Food", but either they or someone else also wrote about freaking out parents with the apple version.   

       Realistically, my first thoughts about having something liquid come out of an apple I've bitten into would be "eew, it's freakishly moldy", *not* "the poor apple! It is bleeding!" (We're talking someone who can develop empathy for a head of lettuce here.) Cue corn syrup splatter across the carpet...   

       There's another well-known fruit prep stunt involving slicing an unpeeled banana (using thread and a needle). It's pretty difficult to hide those tiny needle holes from onlookers; if you're cutting off a whole piece of apple, it sounds near impossible. Maybe drill in right below the stem?
jutta, May 05 2007

       Just give 'em blood oranges.
DrCurry, May 06 2007


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