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Paper fruit padding
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I wanted to make some paper-mâché with my son, but couldn't find any balloons. So we used apples. A few weeks later we were out of fruit and I threw one of the paper-mâché apples in my bag and went to work.

The paper gave a thick protective coating to the apple, was easy to peel, was very recyclable, and the apple was fresh and healthy underneath the paper. Plus it was brightly colored and amusingly shaped (mine was a clown face with a hat). Add a paper pull for easy opening, and I think these would be easy to market as fun and well protected fruit for travel.

Worldgineer, Apr 13 2011

Baked in Japan 1 http://kyotofoodie....azaki-omiyage-3.jpg
[Voice, Apr 13 2011]

baked in Japan 2 http://1.bp.blogspo.../s1600/DSCF3379.JPG
[Voice, Apr 13 2011]

Reusable http://www.etsy.com...&utm_campaign=Share
[Worldgineer, Jun 18 2011]


       [Worldgineer] ! It has been a while.
normzone, Apr 13 2011

       As with many things Japan is 20 years ahead of the rest of the world in this area
Voice, Apr 13 2011

       [Voice] Yeah, they've perfected the foam net, but how about the clown face?   

       (hi [norm]!)
Worldgineer, Apr 13 2011

       the english used newspaper for their chips years ago!   

       hi, world!
po, Apr 14 2011

       actually, Americans used newspaper for fish & chips when I was a kid- really soaked up the grease!!
xandram, Apr 14 2011

       The grease is the best part. Great idea [Worldgineer], here's a paper-mâché covered bun. However, an edible alternative would be most desirable, and I don't think implausible.
rcarty, Apr 14 2011

       //make some paper-mâché with my son//   

       I would have used paper myself.
not_morrison_rm, Apr 15 2011

       Works just as well for nuts...
4whom, Apr 15 2011

       Isn't this what pastry is for?
DrBob, Apr 15 2011

       Pastry underpants?
Alterother, Apr 15 2011

       Please halfbake that.
Voice, Apr 15 2011

       Fresh and warm from the oven.
Worldgineer, Apr 20 2011

       Worldy, say it ain't so. Yay to see you. Okay...idea: 5 apples!
blissmiss, Apr 20 2011

       This system would make it easier to sneak a variety of items with the outer appearance of paper-mache covered apples into World's lunch. The lack of aigu might give them away, though.
bungston, Apr 20 2011

       Damn. Who keeps sneaking explosives into my lunch? Now there's tomato sauce on the ceiling.   

       [bliss] Like a 5-pack stuck together and easy to tear apart? Pull one off the group and throw it in my bag? I like it.
Worldgineer, Apr 20 2011

       No silly, 5 apples instead of 5 buns!!!
blissmiss, Apr 21 2011


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