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Full Contact Prison Horseshoes

Fun With Heavy Metal In The Courtyard
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Why not allow 50 to-lifers the option of an intramural pastime all men enjoy: Instead of fixed stakes, opponents must get ringers by tossing at one another's bare ankles. This is a good alternative to the tired jailhouse cliche known as boxing. Just as fisticuffs earn respect around the cell block, so will Pedro "2 Blades" Alozar when he strategically hooks one on Bruno Bubba's bigtoe, narrowly avoiding the shackles on his other leg (that would have canceled out the ringer, according to Folsom's original rulebook). Trust is earned by following the rules of the game. The true challenge of the game, however, is in the willpower of participants who feel compelled to commit fouls (such as by aiming anywhere above the shoulders). Should go over well.
UrineForATreat, Oct 20 2003




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