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Full body bandolier.

More is better. Less might be better yet! Woo! Woo!
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Everone marvels at the flashy and dangerous looking bandoliers worn by hard fightin' types in the movies. Maybe in real life too! Usually the bandolier is a simple affair worn across the body, like an honorary sash of some sort. Some warriors who mean extra business might wear two crossed bandoliers. But why stop there?

Fresh from the BUNGCO Armory comes the full body bandolier! The FBB takes the place of shirt and pants, covering the entire body. Not only does this arrangement take bandolier wearing to the martial extreme, it also provides for loud, action-packed and hard-fighting striptease as the warrior shoots away his (or her!) own clothes little by little, exposing the clean-shaven and rippling musculature beneath.

Buy two and get a set of Silver Bullet Bikini Briefs! Made of shiny, large caliber bullets guaranteed to shock and awe any opponent, the SBBB might also be useful in case the bad guys have a platoon of werewolves bringing up the rear.

bungston, Mar 03 2006

Inspiration! Cowboy_20Sixgun
[bungston, Mar 03 2006]


       Now the Silver Bullet Bikini Briefs, that's what we *really* want to see! Especially on po!
DrCurry, Mar 03 2006

       Shrapnel braclets and warhead hats.
notmarkflynn, Mar 04 2006

       What if one was wearing such a thing and fell from a great height, potentially setting off many of the rounds?
jellydoughnut, Mar 04 2006

       You already fell from a great height, so you're probably too dead to really give a toss.
notmarkflynn, Mar 04 2006

       /What if one was wearing such a thing and fell from a great height, potentially setting off many of the rounds?/   

       This selling point will be added to the BUNGCO promotional literature.
bungston, Mar 05 2006

       You could design it so that all the bullets were pointed outward, allowing it to double as a freakish spiked-armor sort of getup. Admittedly, if the fall from a great hight didn't kill you, the recoil might...
ye_river_xiv, Sep 04 2006


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