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Gun with separate propellant magazine

Magazine of bullets + Magazine of propellent pellets
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This is an idea for a very novel type of caseless ammunition gun. Instead of sticking the propellent behind the bullet, or molding the propellent around the bullet, our propellent is fed and handled totally separately from the bullet.

The purpose of this design is to prevent many of the problems common to guns firing caseless ammo -- most notably, cook-off (premature detonation of the propellent due to heat which the firing chamber absorbed from prior fired shots).

There are doubtless many ways that this idea could be implemented, but what I'm specifically thinking of is as follows:

The bullet makes a seal against the barrel. Furthermore, each bullet has a rear-facing firing pin built into it.

The propellent is loaded in front of a spring-loaded piston, with its primer facing forwards towards the bullet.

When the user fires the gun, the piston shoves the propellent forward towards the bullet.

The primer on the propellent strikes the firing pin on the rear of the bullet, and ignition occurs.

If the distance travelled by the propellent pellet, during firing, is long enough, the heat soaked into the combustion region won't conduct into the region that the next propellent pellet resides.

goldbb, Jul 17 2017


       There's still the problem of breech obturation, though.
8th of 7, Jul 17 2017

       A strip of solid charge and a strip of sharp staples. Cut before firing.
wjt, Jul 17 2017

       Most ammunition is classed as 1.4S - unlikely to explode in bulk. If you start carting long strips of plasticized propellant around, things get a lot more interesting ...   

       It's possible to create a reel of extruded double-base nitrocellulose propellant - literally, cordite on a spool. But if the outer part of it ignites, there's a rather disturbing self-compressing effect that can be unpleasantly loud and expensive.
8th of 7, Jul 17 2017


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