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Need a hand?
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What about a website where people post the favors they need, to see if somebody is up for it. Like a community thing and you don’t owe anybody anything. Completely no-strings. When you are in a good deed mood you can check the website to see if there is somenone you can help. Favors can be like helping with grocerie shopping, computer help, movie partner, transportation, garden projects or even try and aks for a massage or more. But what is really important about this website is that it has a totally real time feel like the halfbakery where you post your stuff and get responses automatically right on the webpage. No waiting around and no restrictions exept normal guidelines and etiquette. Like an old lady might post: “I need help shopping for groceries anyday this week from 8-12am, wont take more than 30 min. I'm 80. My tel is 5 55 55 55.” And so anybody can make personal or open annotations on her post or just call her right away without any other necessary procedures.

Another version of this website would be the requirement that your favor posted needs to be fun. A fun favor might be: help washing my siberian tiger cubs, help organizing my mask collection, help testing my new chinise kite, etc

Aluxe, Nov 05 2003

Craig's List http://www.craigslist.org
Something like this concept here - such as in the "activity partners" section. Not as beneficent as FunFavors though. [Worldgineer, Oct 17 2004]


       //So a fun favor might be: help washing my siberian tiger cubs//   

       Tigers are using the net now? If I saw a posting like that I'd have to think twice. Hmm: dirty tiger cubs or empty tiger belly..? If they're clever enough to use the net, they're clever enough to use subterfuge also.
"My, what pink eyes you have..."
lostdog, Nov 05 2003

       How philanthropic. :) But people who need favours the most may not have access to the internet (eg. because of a disability, or location).
Detly, Nov 05 2003

       Nice thought but also open to abuse. There are unfortunately some real scum around who would use this to find victims (e.g. frail, 80 year old lady whose phone number they know and who thinks she is opening the door to somebody nice). I really think that people you meet on the internet should be treated with utmost caution if you plan to meet them "real time", as 'twere.
squeak, Nov 06 2003

       Help - I need a decent idea to restore my fading credibility on the halfbakery website.
dobtabulous, Nov 06 2003

       [dontabulous] - how about an idea for generating electrical power from humans? :P
Detly, Nov 06 2003

       Don't pity that frail 80-year-old lady. He lives in a trailer park in Alabama, stinks of sweat and booze. Just waiting for the right well-meaning teenager to offer to pop round and lend a spare 30 minutes
megauk, Nov 06 2003

       [Delty] I don't get the joke. I like the name dontabulous though, is it the 'made' version of my name?
dobtabulous, Nov 07 2003

       Well, I was going to say typo, but, if you like...   

       The joke was that ideas for generating power from humans (on treadmills) are frequently posted and tend to annoy.
Detly, Nov 09 2003


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