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third-person cyberbegging
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I just read a story about a Royal Marine who got a big medal from the Queen for jumping on a grenade. He had the presence of mind to cover it with his backpack and only got a nosebleed, but it was a pretty selfless act anyway.

I thought it would be neat if everyone sent him a quarter. If everyone in the U.S. and England sent him a quarter, he could retire. Seems like he's done enough to me.

There are a lot of people like this - people who do a lot of good work and never really make a fortune out of it.

And there are a lot of charities out there where you never really know where the money is going and how it's being spent.

Well, now there will be givethisguyaquarter.com. It simply lists guys like the above Royal Marine to whom people should give a quarter. You can pay by paypal or credit card or some secure something or another.

GTGAQ will contact the person before he is listed to get approval, and then take a mere 7% administration fee. After a prescribed period, CTGAQ will cut the guy a check.

nomocrow, Jul 23 2008

UK Telegraph: L/Cpl Matthew Croucher http://www.telegrap...d-George-Cross.html
"It took 30 seconds before I realised I was definitely not dead," he said. [jutta, Jul 23 2008]


       + nice idea
xandram, Jul 24 2008

       Only people who get mentioned in the press would benefit from this. Plenty of people do selfless things like this and never get any recognition. Sounds to me like a charity that hands out money on the whim of a newspaper editor, or GTGAQ's staff.
Srimech, Jul 24 2008

       Question. If you do a selfless act, and the press are not there to observe it, and give you credit, and in fact nobody even knew you did it, was that act really selfless?
neelandan, Jul 24 2008

       Cue staged heroism?
daseva, Jul 24 2008

       Moses Maimonides came up with a hierarchy of good deeds, and what you say, [neelandan], is an almost verbatim quote of what's at the top of the list.
nineteenthly, Jul 24 2008

       I love the idea [+] but feel that too many unsung heroes are never known [-]. It would be wonderful if every person who commits a special act of kindness or caring for others were to be acknowledged this way, but it will never happen.
Klaatu, Jul 24 2008

       The money would just corrupt him.   

       Say he got a half million pounds out of it... he'd suffer the same lot that befalls anyone who wins a major lottery. Family breakdown and moral decay.   

       The same would happen in the offices of GTGAQ, with cocaine being snorted off the backs of hookers, while the children of the GTGAQ officials race around quiet suburban neighborhoods in souped up Holden utes.   

       www.patthisguyontheback.com, maybe.
mylodon, Jul 24 2008

       Or we could stigmatize any noticed acts of heroism. Rebellious instinct would actually heighten decent deeds. Turn everyone into batman.   

daseva, Jul 24 2008

       How about adding a moderation system to it, and disallow self submissions?   

       For example, I nominate nomocrow to the website. The moderators of the site then check it's background, etc, and put it on the site. Then, over a pre-defined set of time, 10 days, 2 weeks, whatever, the public is allowed to comment and rate up or down nomocrow. At the end of the period, either nomocrow is accepted and starts getting quarters, or has to find a job like the rest of us.
Noexit, Jul 24 2008

       Good on him.   

       <arches eyebrow/ strokes goatee>
Though he must be watched closely for future political aspirations and his buddies watched more closely.

       <brews coffee and props toothpicks between closing eyelids>   

       //I laughed because your typo made it seem as if you made an acronym out of 'cut that guy a check', a separate organization, doubling the bureauocracy.   

       LOL so did I after you pointed it out. bun for that. (they take another 7% :)
simonj, Jul 25 2008

       I think it would be better to run this via a micro- reverse-lottery: Every 8th person is charged $2. The rest pay nothing.
Voice, Jan 11 2011

       I only know one 8th person. Are there others?
mouseposture, Jan 12 2011

       Their website is   

       www.sendthisguyakitten tobiteinthehead.com
nomocrow, Jan 14 2011


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