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Furniture with structured cabling

Neater by design
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A range of domestic furniture which includes structured power, telecoms, audio, video and data cabling.

A single screened multipole cable connects between units.

Place armchair next to power outlet. Connect to outlet to chair with standard cable. Daisy-chain chair to sofa, chair, TV stand, bookcase.

All items have multiple generic outlets (mains power, RJ11, RJ45, audio, etc.).

Switches and controls can be integrated into armrests. Optionally, cabled or radio remote controls can be fitted.

8th of 7, Sep 23 2014

Cabling http://tintina.com/...y-taxi-CIMG0023.JPG
[bungston, Sep 23 2014]

Cable connected remote http://www.tvhistor...TV-News-REMOTES.JPG
[bungston, Sep 24 2014]

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       This seems like the pride of 1999. Aren't the tech cognoscenti doing away with wires and cables? I understand it is not even needed for phones any more!
bungston, Sep 23 2014

       I can imagine dozing in my wired chair while she's running the mixer in the kitchen and then the washing machine kicks in and my chair busts into flames. So, [+] for fire hazard?
the porpoise, Sep 23 2014

       I believe you have invented the conference table. What's most remarkable, is that you invented it, manufactured it and then traveled FORWARDS in time to post this. Very sophisticated this time travel stuff.   

       Actually, I'd like to see cable routing on the inside of table legs. Oh, that gives me an idea...
bs0u0155, Sep 24 2014

       A cool thing would be to have the TV remote actually attached to the TV by a cable. Then you could point it anywhere you wanted, even away from the TV and it would still work fine.
bungston, Sep 24 2014

       How, exactly, would I attach a cable to my TV remote? can you attach a cable to a phone app?
bs0u0155, Sep 24 2014

       See link. I read they can be installed by any service technician.
bungston, Sep 24 2014


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