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Fire Suppressive Furniture

Capillaries embeded in furniture put out fires.
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On one of those home shows I say a new plumbing technique using plastic PEX tubes instead of the metal pipes. Using PEX it would be possible to have houses with water outlets just like they have electrical outlets. All mattresses, carpets, and other flamable furniture would have small plastic capillaries embeded in them. The capillaries would be connected to the household water supply via the PEX outlets. If a sofa for example caught fire the capillaries would be damaged and the water would seep, not gush out. The water would dampen the area of the fire and extinguish it.

A high pressure water container hiden in the furniture could be used instead of the household water supply. This might be better as whatever caused the fire (airplane crash?) might also disrupt the water supply.

geo8rge, Mar 24 2006


       What's wrong with sprinklers? (Furniture already has to be fire suppressive in most civilized places.)
DrCurry, Mar 24 2006


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